Winners list of Taiwan’s 52nd Golden Horse Awards, and a quick movie review for ‘The 33’ (2015).

This year, I didn’t put much attention on the Taiwan’s 52nd Golden Horse Awards which was held last night. The awards which is the longest in history of Chinese cinema is always regarded as the Oscars for Chinese language films. However, I get to see parts of the lengthy awards ceremony last time live from Astro channel and here I would quickly put in the full winners list of this prestigious awards:


Best Feature Film: “The Assassin”
Best Director: Hou Hsiao-hsien “The Assassin”
Best Leading Actor: Feng Xiaogang “Mr. Six”
Best Leading Actress: Karena Lam “Zinnia Flower”
Best Supporting Actor: Michael Ning “Port of Call”
Best Supporting Actress: Lu Xue-feng “Thanatos, Drunk”
Best New Director: Bi Gan “Kaili Blues”
Best New Performer: Lee Hong-chi “Thanatos, Drunk”
Best Original Screenplay: Jia Zhang-ke “Mountains May Depart”
Best Screenplay Adaptation: Pema Tseden “Tharlo”
Best Cinematography: Mark Lee Ping-bing “The Assassin”
Best Visual Effects: Wook Kim “The Taking of Tiger Mountain 3D”
Best Animation Feature: “McDull: Me & My Mum”
Best Art Direction: William Chang, Alfred Yau “Office”
Best Makeup/Costume Design: Hwarng Wern-ying “The Assassin”
Best Action Choreography: Xu Haofeng “The Master”
Best Film Editing: Chang Tso-chi “Thanatos, Drunk”
Best Original Film Music: Lin Shangde, Tseng Yun-fang “Thanatos, Drunk”
Best Original Film Song: Aka Pisawad “Wawa No Cidal”
Best Sound Effects: Tu Duu-chih, Chu Shih-yi, Wu Shu-yao “The Assassin”
Best Documentary: “The Chinese Mayor”
Best Short Film: Cheng Wei-hao “The Death of A Security Guard”
Outstanding Taiwanese Filmmaker of the Year: Hou Hsiao-hsien
Lifetime Achievement Award: Li Lihua


As expected, ‘The Assassin’ film which is already receiving very good reviews from even the Western film festivals overwhelmed the ceremony last night as the biggest winner with 5 win that includes Best Feature Film, Best Director and Best Cinematography. Well, I’m not into this kind of award-winning film and so I didn’t watch it and could not comment further. But so far, I think ‘The Assassin’ is the best work this year representing Chinese cinema for Oscars next year in Best Foreign Language Film category. Most (I guess all) winners in this year’s ceremony are Taiwanese as Hong Kong nominees this year aren’t strong. I’m quite happy that Karena Lam (I still remember her despite seldom or didn’t even seeing her recent movies) whom is a Taiwanese but based in Hong Kong won Best Actress. I remembered well her role as a deformed ‘phantom’ woman in a horror movie long time ago which is quite scary yet emotional and fantastic. Singaporean Chinese films couldn’t make any impact in this awards this year but I remember in the past that Singaporean film do win big before in Golden Horse. As for Malaysian Chinese films, hmm…no need to say it out obvious…we are very lacking behind in quality of film-making.


To end the weekend, I watch a new movie named ‘The 33’. It’s a survival drama film based on the real events of 2010 mining disaster in Chile that trapped 33 miners for more than two months. I’m surprised and actually glad that the disaster (earth shaking and boulders falling) happened not long after the movie commenced. It’s good as it bring me to the intense moment straight without any early dull and lengthy introduction scenes. While watching the movie, I do feel the impact of being trapped inside the mine so deep with little hope and starvation, while on the other perspective, also felt the impact of being the family member outside waiting desperately for update and rescue mission by the government. The movie presented on what it wish to deliver and I’m quite engaged. However, things can be more interesting or dramatic inside the mine. However, I think they avoid from doing that as a respect to the real trapped miners since this is based on real event. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘The 33’ a total of 7.0.


(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)


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