TVB 48th Anniversary Gala today. Also today is the opening of Malaysia’s second (and largest) IKEA store.

Happy 48th birthday to TVB, the Hong Kong television station that has been part and parcel of my life since I watch many of their series from my childhood years till now. The station held its 48th anniversary gala just now and as usual, the celebration is broadcast live in Malaysia’s Astro Wah Lai Toi. After returning from work just now, I managed to watch major part of the show which is attended by over hundred of Hong Kong artists like Liza Wang, Carol Cheng, Eric Tsang, Nat Chan, Adam Cheng, Anthony Wong, Wayne Lai, Moses Chan, Kenneth Ma, Bosco Wong, Ruco Chan, Kristal Tin, Nancy Wu, etc. Since there would be no new episode of ‘Lord of Shanghai’ series (and also ‘With or Without You’ series) tonight, so there’s time for this gala or simply an annual televised birthday party for TVB.


(Picture above is showing the TVB artists line-up during the station’s 48th anniversary lighting ceremony not long ago)

Some activities or performances shown in the gala just now were quite interesting, energetic and fun. It’s always nice to see the familiar faces that you usually get to see in dramas now taking part in games, stunts, dance, singing, or other kind of performances to celebrate the station’s grand birthday. However, I think some parts (especially the brief drama plays which are supposed to be very funny) aren’t hilarious and appeared messy. It is also very obvious just now that TVB is now overwhelmed with many young faces (all newbie artists) with lack of heavyweight stars. I see most of them just now were just ‘kelefe’ (unimportant people) in the past but now get to perform or even stand in front for attention.

The exciting part of the show that ended after its 2 hour and 30 minutes run is the revealing of the nomination list for best actor and actress in the upcoming TVB Anniversary Awards which is scheduled to be held on 13th December 2015. Actually, it’s like once you get to have a leading role in any series this year, you get the nomination. I suggest that in future years, TVB should limit the nominees to only 5 per categories so that the nominees would feel more proud and honoured to be nominated. It will raise the prestige of the awards. I’m also surprised again that some series got snubbed like Noblesse Oblige and Wudang Rules. However, I’m quite happy that Kenneth Ma didn’t got snubbed totally as he earned a best actor nomination for portraying the young version of Kiu Ngo Tin in ‘Lord of Shanghai’ series (the older version is by film king, Anthony Wong whom is also nominated in the same category). Kenneth did very good for that role but I don’t think he will win as I think his appearance in the remaining of the series would be not much anymore till its ending when the focus shall be back on Anthony’s timeline.

ikea_cheras2 (Malaysians from all walks of life queuing to enter the newly-opened IKEA Store in Cheras today)

On the other hand, today it’s also the day IKEA decided to open its second store in Malaysia, at Jalan Cochrane, Cheras. It’s good to have another IKEA store since the first one at Damansara is quite far especially for people in KL. I have only visited that place once not long ago. A nice place to visit especially when you have things in your mind to buy like furnitures, home decorations, fittings, etc. And I don’t understand why Malaysians are so excited and crazy on IKEA. Anyway, I’m glad that now they opened another one at Cheras, which is so much nearer and more convenient. It’s also larger than the one at Damansara. Eventhough today is a normal weekday, but I heard in news that many people do went to the store’s opening today to get early birds’ free gifts and promotions. I mean still a lot of people (they don’t need to go to work???) Why don’t IKEA have the opening party on weekend, then it would attract more people (maybe I would go too).

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)



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