Two Malaysians are champions in badminton last weekend.

After a long while, finally I’m seeing a bit of hope in our Malaysian badminton team back. In badminton tournaments in recent years, we hardly hear any news of Malaysian winning or even getting into the final. However, in last weekend, we had two Malaysians being champions in their respective badminton tournaments. They are our famous Malaysian sports icon, Dato’ Lee Chong Wei who won in the China Open 2015 for the men single while our young local star, Goh Jin Wei triumphed in World Junior Badminton Championship 2015 for women single. A big congratulation to them! They both made Malaysia proud on the same day in the same sports, but in different competitions.


Lee Chong Wei wasn’t in good form in recent months after his ban from accidental doping was over not long ago. He kept on losing in early rounds in many badminton tournaments recently. We felt very disappointed. That had led us to question, ‘Is Lee Chong Wei’s time over?’. He is aging and everyone can obviously see that his strength is no longer that good on courts. He also frequently made many mistakes and appeared to be tired and lacks confidence. This is not good. However, now I can say we can put all that aside as our beloved Lee Chong Wei is back in winning form again! In China Open last week, he defeated Denmark’s Jan O Jogensen and then five-time world champion, China’s Lin Dan in earlier rounds before carrying on in taking over China’s Chen Long in the final. I’m already surprised that he beaten Lin Dan this time. He should have done that in Olympics and not in smaller tournaments like this. Anyway, it’s a great result and he continued the run to the finish line as the champion by taking over China’s Chen Long in the final too.

Chen Long is now China’s best men single badminton player and he is now ranked world number one player. He is extremely quick, fast, fierce, strong and skilled. He had also defeated Chong Wei many times in previous meetings. However, luck is on Chong Wei this time fortunately while he himself made a lot of mistakes in the final. I didn’t watch the match but I’m delighted that Chong Wei win. I’m actually surprised that he won. This win also enabled him to complete his Superseries titles’ collection over the many years he had been playing in the past. There were only two Malaysians who have won China Open (in singles categories) in the past; they are Wong Choon Hann and Chong Wei’s wife, Wong Mew Choo. Chong Wei’s standing should be increasing again after this win. Well, let’s hope that he will continue with this form and keep on delivering solid performances and then his chance for his final Olympic outing next year at Rio de Janeiro would be bright.


Goh Jin Wei is another name we should start remembering from now onwards. She was only 15 years old but have already delivered some superb performances in major badminton tournaments recently. She is definitely one huge rising Malaysian star in badminton. In the past weekend, she won the World Junior Championship 2015 held in Lima, Peru after defeating Lee Ying Ying, also another Malaysian in the final of women single match. Previously, Jin Wei had also won bronze in SEA Games 2015 Singapore, winning Belgium International Challenge and also Vietnam International series. Focus should be on her too as she may be a genuine medal prospect in Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Well, let’s not give too much pressure on her yet. Pressure is bad. Let her, Lee Chong Wei and other players enjoy the sport and their games, and hopefully they can succeed in near future!

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)


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