Deepavali 2015’s greeting and a quick movie review for ‘No Escape’.

Happy Deepavali to all my Indian friends! May you enjoy this Festival of Light happily with your family and friends. And thanks for giving us, the other Malaysians who are not celebrating it a wonderful holiday on this Tuesday, and it would be the last day of my long four days break that started from the past weekend already. I have been seeing a number of beautiful ‘kolam’ decorations in major shopping malls in Klang Valley for this colourful festival recently. And right now, I’m hearing fireworks in my neighbourhood, signalling that this festival is still as happening as like in the past years, in contrary to my sister’s earlier statement that Deepavali is getting very ‘quiet’ this year.


But I have one question; why don’t the Indians fight for their right and ask for two days of holiday for this biggest festival of their race since the Malays also get 2 days off for Hari Raya Puasa and Chinese also get the same amount for Chinese New Year? If they asked for it, I’m sure majority will agree since we Malaysians love holiday (actually we are being lazy…haha).

In the past week, I have no time to write another movie reviews since I’m quite exhausted after work recently. Actually, I have watched two more movies of this year last week and they are ‘No Escape’ and ‘The Hallow’. Well, now I’m still having ample of energy to update my blog at this hour (almost 12 am already) and so here it comes for quick movie review to those 2 films.

‘No Escape’ tells about an American family who find themselves trapped and being targeted for execution in the middle of a coup in an oversea country. They frantically look for safe escape in the place and with the locals they are not familiar with at all. The plot looks interesting and the movie delivered, giving enough suspense and thrill especially when the coup first started. I’m on the edge of my seat when the male lead immediately ran back to his hotel to inform his family and bring them to safety no matter what happens. It’s exciting but as the same formulas (typical running and hiding scenes) are used over and over again for the remaining of the movie, it starts to get tiring not only to the characters in the movie, but also to me as an audience. It’s nothing new or terrifying anymore and all I wish is that the movie to end soon.



I would actually prefer to know more story development regarding the villains too (the violent protesters). I think it is being briefly explained by Pierce Brosnan’s character in the movie but it is not presented in an interesting way that I would pay my attention to. What a waste. On the other hand, I usually see Owen Wilson in comedy films and I’m surprised that he can handle serious role in this one too as the male lead and the father who needs to safeguard his family in this time of danger in the movie. This movie comes with some great heart-stopping actions, reasonable violence and warm family moments. Just don’t take this movie in racist way and you will be entertained by the movie. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘No Escape’ a total of 7.1.

I guess I will put my movie review for ‘The Hallow’ together with ‘The Walk’ tomorrow once I watched the latter tomorrow for another blog post. Happy Deepavali once again to all Indians in Malaysia and also from other parts of the world (India of course) who are celebrating it!

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)



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