Budget 2016…no good news in the time of all bad news.

Prime Minister had just revealed its Budget 2016 in the Parliament yesterday’s afternoon and his announcement is broadcast live throughout television and radio station as usual. I do listen to parts of his lengthy speech while I’m working yesterday, hoping for some good news on highlighting and easing our financial burden beginning next year. However, as expected, there is no good news to be happy for as claimed by the many local news that back the government. Hence, I summarized the budget as ‘no good news in the time of all bad news’.


We are now in the pressure of high cost of living (higher price for house, toll, food, groceries, and almost everything else), Goods and Services Tax (GST), living under scandalous government (from corruption, cronyism, 1MDB issue, ineffectiveness, etc), haze and many others. Well, I do link the haze to the government too as they do not push Indonesia to solve the annual problem even after so many years having the haze to affect our country already. They even asked us not to pressure Indonesia and let them do the job. What? Of course, we have to pressure them as this is not a new issue; haze has been hitting us every year from decades ago.

Back to the budget, I do noticed that the budget this time is helping more for the people of East Malaysia; Sabah and Sarawak. Well, I do agree that those two states are pretty lacking behind in development compared to Peninsular Malaysia and they certainly needs more attention. However, I’m also quite sure that all the allocations given for them in next year’s budget would be going somewhere else in a huge portion (into own pockets). And it will end up as just simply talking without any action again. It is also very obvious that this emphasis is to prevent Sabah and Sarawak from getting out of Malaysia which will be heavily reducing the number of ruling coalition’s seats in the Parliament. Or in simple, the present government will certainly lose in the next general election if Sabah and Sarawak leave Malaysia. They are now in worry and to prevent that from happening, they would do all their can to persuade the two states to maintain in Malaysia after many decades of neglecting them. Literally, it’s a budget to buy votes.


I won’t list down all the items in the Budget 2016 as this would make my post extremely long and I would like to keep it short and straightforward with my direct analysis towards some allocations in the budget. The government increased the BR1M, as a way to continue giving ‘sweet’ to the poor people while on the other side, taking away more things from everyone. From the very beginning, I do not agree to this way of helping people. It actually helps the poor to be very lazy and dependent on this form of assistance. They should actually work something out to bring these people from poor class to at least to the stable-income group. And to those people who received this BR1M and are very grateful, you are wrong and do not think of a bigger picture. The money from BR1M is also from all of us.

The budget do highlight on the building of more affordable houses. Well, these houses are not much in quantity and they are mostly far from the city, not easily accessible and obviously meant for Malay individuals who wanted to purchase homes. Well, they are protecting their rights to the max and we in the other races are already used to it after their over 60 years of governing in Malaysia. What they should do is actually controlling the price of homes to be sold to buyers. I also noticed the allocation of huge sum of money to repair roads and improve internet speed throughout the country. Haha…do you think they would do that? Nobody think so except than the blind supporters of the government. We all have eyes to see on our road and internet conditions. I guess that allocation is actually going towards buying someone diamond rings or luxurious handbags.


Overall, this Budget 2016 is another piece of shit. I’m actually quite excited by a little drama that when the Prime Minister concluded his speech yesterday, most of the opposition members in the Parliament raised up the placard questioning where is the RM 2.6 billion? That’s the amount credited to Prime Minister’s personal bank account without proper explanation by him after so many months. I still remember the word ‘donation’, which is a joke of the year! It is so wrong to have a massive fund inside your personal account for a government member. Well, he can still get away from it since all of his party members are afraid to speak up or against in worry of losing their job, losing their source of income and losing their comfort zone they have been in for so many years. Useless. They think of themselves rather than for the people and the nation. Hence, it will all lead to the failing of the country as opposed to the claim by the Prime Minister that our people and economy is prospering. Every words from him is a bullshit.

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)



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