Sharing all the things in my past weekend for no reason.

Actually I planned to have this post summarizing the most recently passed weekend on last night. However, I spent too much time on writing up my blog post yesterday about the TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2015’s nomination list until the post ended up in over 2000 words. I’m really exhausted after that and so I’ll have this post today. Well, another Monday when I would be as usual very tired to wake up in the early morning to go to work while feeling jealous because the kids don’t need to go to school again. Haze is back and so schools were closed again. Great for them but another typical working day for us. Didn’t expect that the haze return just after one or two weeks of clearer sky. I thought the haze is over for this year, but nope…it remains here, polluting our air for so long this year.


Out of sudden, I felt very excited to share what I have been through for the past weekend. Actually, it is just an ordinary Saturday and Sunday but still I would like to note it down here. On the past Saturday, we finally changed our home internet from TM Streamyx to Unifi. Actually, I’m quite satisfied with Streamyx connection eventhough it is sometime too slow. However, after constant calling by TM staff for almost every day in the past one month or more to persuade me to change to Unifi, I finally agreed. One of the reasons is that I don’t want them to call and disturb me for almost daily again. It’s really annoying. Anyway, it’s also good since I find that Unifi now is a bit faster, more stable, offers also another new home-phone and HyppTV package (but I don’t want that since we have Astro) with only an additional of RM10 like that compared to the past billing.


On Saturday’s night, it’s the typical time for rummy game with family after dinner. Of course, gamble is involved (not big money) but we all took it more as an entertainment and family bonding time than calling it a gamble. Unfortunately, I lost again (I lost last week too). Bad luck recently. Hope that my luck comes back this coming Saturday. Well, on Sunday, I followed my dad to a temple at Ampang to pray for the Nine Emperor Gods Festival in the morning after watching its street procession a week ago. As expected, there was a lot of people (I mean really a lot) there, and I’m like suffering while being inside the crowded temple to worship with the joss-sticks. It’s pain to my eyes from all the smoke, and also pain to my hands especially when the ashes from my or other people’s burning joss-sticks dropped to my hands.


In the past weekend, I have also watched a new movie called ‘The Pack’. The movie is about a farmer and his family who must fight for survival after a ferocious pack of wild dogs infiltrates their isolated farmhouse. Through a series of frightening and bloody encounters they are forced into survival mode to make it through the night. The plot looks interesting and I usually like movie with this kind of story and setting. However, the movie turned out to be very disappointing with characters that do brainless actions, climax that falls flat, poor approach to the dramatic value of the story and unappealing atmosphere. I think I can even make a better movie of this storyline if I’m the director. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘The Pack’ a total of 6.0 only. It is not really a big failure as it do comes with substantial characters’ development and realistic-looking actions involving the wild dogs.


Okay…that’s it for the things I have been through for the past weekend. It’s going to be a long week ahead with no more holiday and let’s hope for things to be smooth this week and weekend to arrive as quick as possible. Haha…in the mood to anticipate the next weekend already.

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)


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