3 Malaysians in Top 10 finalists of Top Million Star.

‘Top Million Star’ (星光大道) is a televised singing competition from Taiwan where talented young Chinese singers from all over the world join to compete for the championship in the end after rounds of elimination. It is a famous singing competition due to its long history from the many past seasons of ‘One Million Star’ and ‘Chinese Million Star’. Now, the title is changed to ‘Top Million Star’. In the past, this competition had successfully led to the discovery of many extremely good singers and eventually the rise in their fame in Chinese entertainment industry too. Do take note that there is one Malaysian Chinese female contestant named Jess Lee in the past whom had won this competition and becomes a singer based in Taiwan now.


In this latest season, it all began with 50 contestants. Malaysia do have several representatives from Astro (3 from this year’s Astro Star Quest and 2 from last year’s Astro Star Quest) and also several others not from Astro (independently). I have exceptionally high expectation to Apple Kho, the winner of this year’s Astro Star Quest, an annual local (Malaysia) competition that I have been catching up very closely too. She had a great voice and she has the capabilities to try on different approaches and styles in her singing and overall performance. Well, she is quite beautiful too and already has an image of a singer.

This televised singing competition is aired every Saturday at 8pm in Astro channel 300, and that’s the same time with the airing at Taiwan if I’m not mistaken. Unfortunately, that is the time when we will go out for a family dinner which will usually takes very long time. Furthermore, it also coincides with the broadcasting time of the Astro Classic Golden Melody Singing Competition (competition for the elderly) of which my dad is very keen to watch too. So, we will usually wait for the next day (Sunday’s afternoon) for the replay of the ‘Top Million Star’ latest episode every weekend. It is a 2-hour show every week, but it is actually not that long. The huge amount of advertisements in between is the most annoying thing.

Let’s get back to the progress of the competition so far. After many rounds, we do have 10 finalists now. 40 contestants were already eliminated due to mistakes in singing, poor selection of song, and many other reasons the professional judges can find out easily. And a good news is that in the top 10, 3 of them are Malaysians. That’s a wonderful result. However, only one of the three is the Astro’s representative, and she is Apple. Well, that is quite expected but she do went through tough and risky time in the earlier rounds too when she did almost get eliminated previously. Luckily, she wasn’t. Now, she is in Top 10 and is looking good to enter top 5 hopefully.


Well, let’s not forget the other two Malaysians, a weighty boy and a cute-looking girl. Both of them are good too (well if not, they won’t be in Top 10 obviously) but I still prefer Apple. She always sings with no mistakes and delivered performances which are perfectly fine and smooth. However, that advantages may also turn out to be disadvantages as judges wanted something different and surprising (wow) from her every time. Steady all along may not be good always. Let’s hope she can nail it and continue to impress the judges. I’m also glad with the frequent changing of the judges which allows for different exposures, advice and lessons to the contestants from seniors of different backgrounds or countries. Now, let’s wish for the best to the 3 Malaysians in this ‘Top Million Star’ competition.

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)


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