Movie review for ‘Hotel Transylvania 2’ and ‘Knock Knock’ (2015)

Ignore this post if you have not watched the two movies I mentioned above or that if you are not interested at all to check for any movie reviews here. It’s me doing another set of movie reviews again. By end of this week, I have watched another two films this year, and they are ‘Hotel Transylvania 2′ (damn…I always had problem spelling Transylvania’ correctly) and ‘Knock Knock’.

‘Hotel Transylvania 2’ is an animated fantasy-comedy film about a group of monsters running a hotel specially for their kinds; ghosts, mummies, draculas, frankensteins, etc. In the first movie released back in 2012, the manager of the hotel, Dracula finds himself in a state of complexity when his only daughter (Mavis) felt in love with a human being (Johnny). He eventually agreed with their relationship and is now more friendly with humans. This sequel sets seven years after the first movie when he had a grandson but worried that the kid shown no vampire abilities. The story is quite interesting and continued to deliver on various laughs with some great comedic moments as well as some lousy ones unfortunately.



I find the movie rather short but I prefer to keep it that way as there is not much going on besides than seeing the grandfather training his grandson to become a vampire. The plot is lacking with insufficient drama. I once read a synopsis for the film and I expected Dracula’s father to be a major antagonist in this sequel but eventually he only appeared in the last fifteen minutes of the movie just to end it with a ‘bang’. That’s not enough to convincingly pull this off. It made me felt that watching the movie’s trailer is enough than seeing the whole movie which is just the same thing with no surprise. Anyway, I’,m quite enjoyed by the movie which is of course should be much more entertaining for the kids. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Hotel Transylvania 2’ a total of 7.0.

Next up is a movie more for the adults as it falls into the category of erotic horror. The movie is called ‘Knock Knock’ and tells about a married man whom is alone in his home for the weekend and bumped into two female strangers. The two girls requested his help and eventually successfully persuaded him into sex. He could not expect that after the night, the two girls play a game of torture and invaded his home. It’s all part of their plan for a game to destroy the man’s home and family. The movie starred Keanu Reeves as the married man (he is an architect in this movie..oohh, my profession too…), Lorenza Izzo and Ana de Armas as the two girls.



The whole premise is interesting. The idea is good to have innocent-looking girls now torturing the home-alone adult male as we have seen many past movies of things like that but girls are always the victims. Now, the male is the victim. Furthermore, I do like films about home invasion where many exciting scenes or actions are possible like playing hide-and-seek which is present in this movie too. However, everything is not enough for this film to be astonishing. Not enough torture, not enough hide-and-seek in the house, not enough horror, not enough intensity, and not enough strength. It’s basically a brilliant idea which is not executed well to its full potential. Too bad. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Knock Knock’ a total of 6.7.

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