T.G.I.F….weekend is coming!

There’s no reason to be moody on Friday as weekend break is around the corner. That is why there is a popular saying called ‘Thank God it’s Friday’ which is simplified to TGIF. Things went pretty good and smooth today for me and workload has been little in recent days. I’m going to appreciate that quick before mounting tasks come again soon as expected. And I’m little excited for being able to leave office just minutes after 6pm. That is something I seldom accomplish in my current workplace. Feeling ‘happy’ (suddenly thought of Pharrell Williams’ ‘Happy’ song)


But today must have been a nightmare to the parents of a young boy who was kidnapped this morning. The CCTV footage of the kidnapping went viral and everyone was discussing about it, expressing sympathy and prayer to the boy and his family. Fortunately, the boy was found by a taxi driver who brought him back home safely. But hey, where are the kidnappers? They cannot be allowed to roam freely and should be punished heavily (like put in jail forever). Well, at least, the parents should be very relieved by now and we are happy for them. Hmm…to parents out there, be more careful and observant with your children. This country is not safe.

I’m also currently feeling a bit fired up after watching the latest episode of TVB series ‘Captain of Destiny’. It has been quite some time since I last watched a drama that would be this good. ‘Captain of Destiny’ or directly translated to English as ‘Cheung Po Tsai’ from Chinese title is a very exciting drama about a prince in battle with pirates in ancient China. It delivered on wonderful storyline, excellent acting (especially from Ruco Chan, the male lead and also one of the villains, Lee Shing Cheung), improving visual effects from TVB, and awesome production sets. The only thing pulling the drama slightly down is poor performance by the female lead, Grace Chan who is still a newbie in the TV station. Anyway, I will explain more of my thoughts of that drama once it finished airing by end of this month (I guess). As of now, the series is more than ‘so far so good’ to me.


Well, on the other hand, I read a news recently which mentioned that Malaysia sent a local film for competition in Best Foreign Language Film in 88th Academy Awards (Oscars) next year. Previously, Malaysia did sent out two films for this competition to get nominated and those films are 2004’s Puteri Gunung Ledang and 2012’s Bunohan. Well, both didn’t make it to the top 5 for nominations in the end. This time, Malaysia sent ‘Lelaki Harapan Dunia’. Well, I’m not into any Malay films as all of those movies are really very lousy and low standard (sorry, some may take it as a heavy discrimination but that’s the truth sadly). I heard that even this ‘Lelaki Harapan Dunia’ (Man Who Saved The World) is only getting mixed reviews. How can it compete with the other 80 entries? No chance at all to even be nominated. I think sending out a local Chinese film ‘The Journey’ last year would be a better choice and gives higher opportunity to be getting attention from the Academy voters. That movie received critical acclaim and is the highest grossing local film in history. What are the Malaysians who decide this selection thinking?


Last but not least, I have another happy news to share; all of you must have realized that the haze is gone and we got to enjoy the clear blue sky and clean fresh air back! Great. Indonesia, no more haze coming here ya!

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)



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