Bye September, and hopefully bye to the haze too!

Ohh…yeah, we have arrived into the last quarter of the year officially, and that’s the period when the days to the year-end sale, the days to many epic year-end movie blockbusters and the days to the festive Christmas season are nearing. I felt like want to go shopping for clothes again….H&M store, Uniqlo store, and other whatever nice retails…please put up some nice clothing with nice prices! As for the movies, I can’t wait for ‘Star Wars: The Force Awaken’, ‘Spectre’, ‘The Danish Girl’, ‘Steve Jobs’, ‘Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2’, etc. And then finally, I can’t wait to visit Singapore in this coming Christmas holiday which is already very well-planned! So many things to look forward to before the end of 2015.

September had been a great month since it had a number of public holidays for us to enjoy. We had the Malaysia Day (but the red shirt rally ruined the spirit of it), we also had the Hari Raya Haji holiday (our dear Malay friends happily celebrating it). And then, our Chinese’s Mooncake Festival was just over not long ago. Well, in this October, we have also a public holiday to enjoy; Awal Muharam holiday in mid of the month. Haha…my habit of always checking the calendar to find out the approaching holidays never dies. I guess many are like me too.

We would just remember September 2015 as a month of haze. The air we breath in was smelly and we can’t even see buildings nearby. The air pollution index (API) in the country in some areas including the capital city, Kuala Lumpur had hit over the very unhealthy level several times, forcing schools to close and outdoor activities to be cancelled for the past month. Many felt ill from the polluted air as expected. We and also the Singaporeans seems to experience the haze annually, thanks to the forest fire from our neighbour, Indonesia of which wind carries the smoke to our side unfortunately. We expressed anger and called for immediate solution every year to prevent this from happening again, but to no avail everytime. Arrgghhh…..


(That’s not mist! That’s haze! Image source: Hazari Photography)

Let’s hope that there would be no more haze beginning this month. I want to see clear blue sky and inhale fresh clean air back. The kids have been missing a lot of classes since schools were shut down for many extra days in the past month in addition to the one-week break they already had and the year-end examinations are just around the corner. Sometimes, I do think why they only shut down schools and not offices? Haha…adults have nose just like children too. But since offices are mostly now air-conditioned and not exposed to outside air, and hence it is not critical yet for us. If that’s the way, then I actually for some reason hoping for the API to reach beyond hazardous level so that emergency will be declared and all of us do not need to go to work too. Haha…dreaming…eeh, why am I thinking of holiday again? Haha…

Haze, please move away and I shall move on to other subject to write on in this post. But actually, I don’t have anything interesting on my mind now to share. So, what am I going to do? Let’s just proceed to explain a bit on my blog’s header for this month. Nothing to explain also…it’s just a very nice image of a clear blue sky. Why I put that up as the header for my blog of the month? Well, that’s what I’m hoping to see everyday in this month onward after the hazy September. Clear blue sky with bits of clouds scattered here or there. Have a nice month ahead everyone! Bye…

October 2015 Blog Header


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