Back with 2-movies routine per week.

My weekend won’t be boring as long as there are new movies for me to watch. As the title is already very much self-explanatory, I’m back to the lifestyle when I will watch 2 new films by almost every weekend. That’s a good thing for me as a movie fans since this will adds up to a huge number of movies that I would have watched by the end of this year. For this weekend, I have watched ‘Contracted: Phase 2’ and ‘American Ultra’, and here’s a quick review to both the films.

In the first ‘Contracted’ horror-thriller film, a woman is infected with a unique sexually transmitted disease which turned her into a zombie in the end after a long and slow process of disgusting transformation. Well, the ‘transformation’ parts are great as it displayed how the disease slowly took over her body and finally her whole in many terrifying scenes. In this sequel that continues right from the first one, the attention is now on a man whom was in love with the previous infected woman and had even had sex with her. Hence, he is now infected too, and is on his way to search for a cure to the virus.



I do like the idea of expanding this story into more sequels but this ‘Phase 2’ isn’t as good as its predecessor. Well, they shown a lot of disgusting stuff again (that’s really horrible-looking but that’s what makes this kind of film a standout…and the effects are cool) but the story is like going no where besides than having the disease spread over to few more people with very little excitement. Disappointingly, there isn’t any intense plot development too and the climax is being too simple. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Contracted: Phase 2’ a total of 6.8. I think that there would be Phase 3 and maybe even more too, creating a franchise of its own that started out quite well but slowly growing into nothing more than a typical zombie flick.

On the other hand, ‘American Ultra’ is an action-comedy film that starred Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart. This pairing reminded me of 2009’s ‘Adventureland’ which is another comedy film and starred both of them as a couple too. Now, the story is about a stoner (Jesse) who didn’t know he is in fact a government agent and is targeted for extermination. However, he is too well-trained and too ‘high’ for them to handle. Plot looks interesting and yes, I’m having quite a fun watching this movie. Quite entertaining but still couldn’t manage to go beyond the average.


jesse american ultra

Both Jesse and Kristen delivered fantastic performances. If you think this kind of action-comedy movie doesn’t requires acting skill, then you are wrong. Besides that, this kind of role suits Jesse very well (still thinking of his incredible performance as Mark Zuckerberg in ‘The Social Network’), and he nailed it again. Kristen had also improved. The only things that I find unnecessary in the movie is the over-excessive depiction of violent, gory and bloody scenes and also the huge budget spent on the sets in the end that are quite pointless. I’m also wishing for more ‘crazier’ action sequences actually. Nevertheless, the movie is still fun to watch especially on a Sunday’s night before you get ready for another long week of work. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘American Ultra’ a total of 7.1.

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