Haze, 911 anniversary, Queen’s reign…many topics to write on this lovely Friday’s night.

Haze all over again. The haze today in KL is getting really bad. As soon as I make my first step outside the house to go to work this morning, I can already smell the haze. It is like thick smoke getting into our lungs directly. Visibility also dropped extremely as everything is blurry from our sights. Yesterday it was still all clear and sunny day and just after a night, everything changed. Anyway, it’s like an annual thing now for Malaysians to experience. What a ‘gift’ from our neighbouring country, Indonesia where many forest fires occurred at a certain period of time for almost once every year. This is the Twin Towers’ view I got from leaving office just now. Blurry.


Many started to wear mask today. If this current haze continues in this coming more days, then I think I’m going to have to wear a mask too. Despite I’m being now considered asthma-free, but the haze can easily makes my throats and lungs uncomfortable too. Have to stay indoor as much as possible. No outing this weekend most probably just to avoid inhaling the dirty air outside. You out there…remember to drink more water too. Let’s hope that the haze will be gone very soon and authorities from all the affected nations (Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore) to take effective solutions to approach to this annual problem.

Ehh…today’s date is 11th September. It has been exactly 14 years since the tragic 911 incidents that struck United States of America. I knew that it’s not helpful or even hurting to keep reminding people (especially the affected ones) of the anniversary of this tragedy. So, let’s get over the sadness, move on and look positively on what’s happening now to the current site of the former World Trade Center twin towers. Well, as many of you already knew that the 1WTC Tower is finally opened to the public recently, and standing proudly as the tallest building in Western Hemisphere. But as far as I remembered, the master plan for the redevelopment of the Ground Zero shown several other skyscrapers proposed too for this complex. Now, I only see one, the 1WTC. What about the others? I hope they build them too.


Let’s change to another topic. Two days ago, Queen Elizabeth II officially becomes the longest reigning British monarch, having been in the post for over 63 years. She surpassed her great-great-grandmother, Queen Victoria for the record. 63 years ++! Wow…She has served more than 23,226 days on the throne, a reign spanning from the gloom of the post-war years to the present digital age. What a milestone! She is currently 89 years old and still looks very well to perform her duties for next couple of years more. But I pitied his eldest son, Prince Charles whom have to wait so many decades to get to the throne. Another interesting fact is that Queen Elizabeth II is the second longest living reigning monarch to date too, just behind King of Thailand, Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX) with over 69 years of reign.


(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web except for the first image which is taken by myself)


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