New products’ launch from Apple: iPhone 6S / 6S+ and iPad Pro with Apple Pencil.

Yesterday, Apple announced their latest products to the market; iPhone 6S & 6S+ and iPad Pro with Apple Pencil. Well, I don’t need to purposely go to its website to learn about these new products as many of my Facebook friends shared information regarding them as early as this morning. In this era of technological savvy, many companies specialized in producing tablets or smartphones like Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Oppo, etc compete to create better products and keep introducing new stuff frequently to stay relevant and updated.

Apple started it all, and I’m quite impressed by its functions, features, appearance and above all, brand. Hence, the phone I’m using now is iPhone 5. That’s also my first ever smartphone after I bought it in 2012. The only thing I’m not happy about it is that the battery performance is very poor. But hey…Apple has iPhone 6 and 6+ already, and then now 6S and 6S+. Now, I felt my phone is outdated already. Haha…I will just continue using it as long as it is still working and looks fine. I simply could not catch up with the ‘latest’ nowadays especially in time when I need to save money! But hey…there is one point in my mind that I wish to actually buy the Apple Watch. It looks cool.

Anyway, the most interesting features from the newly introduced iPhone 6S is the 3D Touch. Well, I didn’t really know about this feature but I do know that the phone can now interacts to the different pressure when you pressed on the screen, allowing more options in viewing things, etc. There is also another feature that captures a bit over a second of the time before and after you snap a photo. And when you click on the photo, you will get to see a short video of it. But this feature is definitely going to take up a lot of memory space. Other changes and additions to this new phone are nothing spectacular though. The rose-gold finish (great for girls) is another great addition to the previously introduced gold finish to iPhone 6.


Next is the iPad Pro with Apple Pencil. Well, I’m particularly excited with the Apple Pencil because it is a great tool especially for people who like to draw. This product is certainly useful and aimed towards professional artists, designers and architects (like me). The stylus allows a new precision in drawing on the screen of the iPad, responding to different levels of pressure and different angles with its highly responsive sensors at the tip. The technology that reads the touch on the screen has been also redesigned to recognise the difference between different Pencil strokes and a finger touch. Simply amazing. I couldn’t wait to own it one day, but hey…I’m saving money now! No more spending…have to control myself.



Anyway, here’s below an introduction video of how the Apple Pencil works:

It would be great if the Apple Pencil also works as a light/laser pointer, or maybe even function as a pen drive. Haha…my imagination working right now. Hey..maybe they will really do that in the next launch. Who knows? On the other hand, did you know that there would be one movie coming up soon that will be based on Steve Jobs, the former CEO of Apple who passed away in 2011 due to cancer. He was an influential figure in Apple and also being an icon in the smartphone industry. This biopic directed by award-winning director, Danny Boyle with script by award-winning scriptwriter Aaron Sorkin (also wrote the successful film ‘The Social Network’) will be out by end of the year. The movie starring Michael Fassbender as the titular role is expected to be an Oscar contender next year since it is gaining highly positive reviews from its premiere recently at a movie festival and I’m looking forward to watch the film. Opps…I went off track, talking about movie now rather than the new product launch. Anyway, both are still related to Apple and there’s nothing more to talk about the products since I’m not buying them. At least, now I can just sit back and wait for the ‘Apple’-related movie. Haha…


(Images and some information from this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)


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