A big day for Malaysians….Bersih 4.0

After months of waiting, the day has finally arrived! Bersih 4.0 rally is set to begin today at 2pm in major areas in Kuala Lumpur, and will continue for 34 hours until the clock ticks at 12am to mark the nation’s 58th anniversary of independence on this 31st August. The rally also will expands to several oversea locations. Great! Let me say this out first; I’m not intending to promote the rally here; I’m just an ordinary Malaysian with all the rights to write down my opinion regarding the rally and the objective behind it. I stated this clearly as my blog may be at risk of being banned by Malaysian authority as they had just declared that they will ban any websites that are found to be promoting Bersih 4.0 rally. Well…that’s how Malaysian government works. They simply love to ban things they are not happy with. Even wearing yellow T-shirt with Bersih logo is now prohibited…..No freedom of speech. And now, no freedom of wearing shirts too…LOL!

And certainly no freedom of holding demonstration to voice out our frustration, anger and opposition to the current administration of the country. Haiz…This is so undemocratic. It’s too bad that I’m not free on this particular day to join the rally as I have to take care of my nephew who is recently admitted to the hospital today. Even my colleagues and friends are going. Well, my heart is still with the rally. Eventhough my dad also advises me not to join the rally with fear of any possible violence, but I think it’s nothing wrong or to be afraid of to exercise my democratic right as a Malaysian who very much cares about for this country.


Malaysians wouldn’t be that free to organize rally like this if the government is doing well. But now, everything is so wrong…I mean seriously wrong and unacceptable. Years ago, we had the first Bersih rally to call for transparent government, clean and fair election and several more followed. Now, Bersih 4.0 is set to proceed due to mounting pressure and frustration by all (seriously, it’s now affecting all Malaysians no matter you are pro-opposition or pro-government) from the current crisis in the country. Once you hear 1MDB, once you hear GST, once you hear 2.6 billion, once you hear donation, once you hear RM against USD or SGD, you will immediately knew what they are. And many more terrible and ‘hilarious’ stuff from our ‘beloved’ Najib’s administration. We are now also a huge embarrassment in the eyes of foreign nations…’thanks’ to him.

It’s expected that the authority declared the rally illegal with reason that it ‘interrupts national peace and order’. Haha…national peace and stability will not be present as long as the present government is still functioning. (By the way, it’s a fake government since they lost by popular votes in the past general election…they won it because of the imbalanced allocation of votes to seats that determine the majority in parliament). They wanted the rally to take place in a stadium so that they can show to us that Malaysians who aren’t happy can be ‘contained’. Well, we are not! We are not blind, we are not stupid and we are not being unfair too. You brought the whole nation to a whole new level of ‘darkness’ and and we just couldn’t stand it any longer. Furthermore, the rally is a great platform for Malaysians to show that they are strong and united to fight against corruption and bad government. And yet you are against that…so, you are indirectly admitting of your bad deeds?

It’s still a big NO to violence, but can’t we just request the Prime Minister to resign? A simple request by majority of Malaysians (I believe). Anyway, I hope that there will be no scuffle, fights or any violence later during the rally which is expected to be the biggest in the history of the country. I think the rally will achieve nothing in the end as the government doesn’t know shame and will not be pressured to step down like this. They have ‘thick skin’ and will just use all their power to stay in power. That’s it. That’s reality we hate to see. Hence we still need to do something like having this rally. To show to them how strong we are up against them. It’s without any result as expected but the objective behind it should be commended. This country still has hope, but the longer the present government stays….the more impossible it is to propel the nation back to glory time. I’m not physically in the rally, but my heart is in full support for the objective of the rally. Go forward, Bersih 4.0…for the nation.


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