Any paranormal encounter?

Today is the best day to talk about this topic. Why? Today is the 14th day of the 7th month of the Chinese lunar calendar, which means it’s the annual Hungry Ghost Festival. Based on traditional Chinese beliefs and legends, tonight is the night when ghosts or spirits can roam freely in the world, and it’s a once-in-a-year opportunity for them. Usually, the elderly will advise the young ones not to go out tonight or better, to go home early to avoid seeing ‘them’ as we may get into trouble (may get ill suddenly, may be very bad luck for some period of time or the spirit may follow you home) if we bumped into them. Hence, today, I’m not staying back long in office despite still having a lot of pending works to do. I don’t want to be in a situation like the previous TVB drama (ghost overtime with you). Haha…


Hmm…Have you had any paranormal encounter before? I personally don’t have and I’m definitely not hoping for that of course. But it would be boring if I’m not sharing anything creepy today. Haha…Well, it’s a true story, a true paranormal encounter by one of my family members last year. There is one day when he went up to Genting Highlands alone and I didn’t follow. My other family members were up there too and I forgot why I didn’t join them that time. Then, at night, he drove down the hill alone to return home. He said that there are not many cars and the road down from the peak was blanketed with mist that time. It’s usual when you are driving down from Genting Highlands at night.


However, out of sudden, without him knowing, he had lost track of the time and also his consciousness. More than an hour later, my other family member tried to call him but he didn’t pick up the phone. Fortunately, he picked up the phone when my sister tried calling the second/third time. He told us that he only regained consciousness when he finally heard the phone ringing. And then, he was shocked when he realized that he was on a highway in Petaling Jaya, still driving. My home is at Ampang and it would be impossible to take Petaling Jaya route to return home. He was shocked and at the same time relieved because he was not ‘hurt’ and he managed to return home safely. He only told this happening to us the next day.

And on that week, we accompanied him for a worshiping ritual as a measure to avoid him from being in such situation again. What is really happening that night? We came up with a solid opinion that he was actually being in control/manipulation by a ‘spirit’ that time and that the spirit may want to bring him to his/her home (may be somewhere in Petaling Jaya since he is driving on a highway there when he regained his consciousness). Ewww….scary right?….Eventhough my family member didn’t see any visual of that ‘spirit’ but this encounter is terrifying enough. He had also some past paranormal encounters before but I would just like to share his most recent one. I believe some people in this world can get to see or experience this kind of thing easily. I’m glad that I’m not that group. By the way, do you have any personal haunting paranormal story? You can share it here too, especially on this day.

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One Response to “Any paranormal encounter?”

  1. The one and only ghost encounter I remember having was at home lol. I was walking to the bathroom and turned back to close the door, only to see a scarecrow looking ghost in the hallway just make his way into my bedroom. Though now that I think about it, I think it was just a hallucination from staying up late. Never again haha

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