Lee Chong Wei lost again in BWF World Badminton Championship’s Final

It has been a busy weekend for me and things didn’t turn out that well as expected. Yesterday, I went to the ARCHIDEX 2015 on its last day of exhibition. This year, I collected very little brochures, bags, and only a single pen. It’s so different to the last few visits to this annual architectural exhibition of which I can have many useful complimentary stuff. On the other hand, I watched two new movies (reviews in my previous post) and they are bad and poorly made. This weekend, I have to spend time working on renovation drawings for my cousin’s shop. That’s a part-time job for me but there is some problem with the 3D modelling and rendering that wasted much of my time which is supposed to be used for other things.

Well, negative feeling isn’t over yet as I watched the final men singles match of this year’s World Badminton Championship just now and Lee Chong Wei lost again. A repeating heartbreak to all Malaysians. He lost to the same guy last year. Who is he? Lin Dan? Nope. It’s Chen Long, the new rising superpower from China. Lin Dan is surprisingly knocked out by Denmark’s Jan O Jorgensen in semi-final, hence making the path slightly easier for Chong Wei. However, his last year’s opponent do managed to climb to the final spot with him, and finally defeated him again to take the championship.


Chen Long is fantastic on all his attack and defense skills on court. He is energetic (well, he is still young, only in mid 20s) and he is able to control the court easily with little mistakes. On the other hand, Lee Chong Wei seems to be exhausted despite already minimal running around the court. His age puts him down. He is already 33. He couldn’t catch up to the pace and strength from Chen Long whom is now famously known as the next Lin Dan. I pitied Chong Wei. He had won many smaller badminton tournaments but seldom wins the big ones. In fact, he had never win Asian Games gold, Olympics gold, or this World Badminton Championship. I guess he has really no luck on his side in major championships.


Well, he had to stick to his first runner-up position again in the just concluded match against Chen Long. Forever No.2 placing most of the time. He lost in two straight games, 21-14 and 21-17. Well, he is at least better than all the other Malaysian players who lost out in earlier matches of the championship. The current situation looks horrifying for Malaysia with no steady and excellent talents coming out. We have only Lee Chong Wei for all these years and he is definitely going to retire soon (most probably next year after Rio 2016 Olympics that will give him final chance for an Olympic gold medal after only winning two silvers in the past). Even, I think the chance for an Olympic gold medal from him next year is quite slim with Chen Long on his fantastic form in recent years.

Last time, we had Lin Dan who blocked the way for Chong Wei. Now, Lin Dan seems to be out of sight sometimes and things may be in favor for Chong Wei. However, now China has Chen Long to bank on. Arrggh…that’s bad and sad. But we knew Chong Wei did his very best all the time and he is still our Number 1 (despite everyone agreed that he is actually world number two in terms of achievement and performances in this sport).

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)


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