TVB’s ‘Ghost of Relativity’ is really fun to watch.

‘Ghost of Relativity’ (鬼同你OT) is a 2015 Hong Kong romantic comedy drama of supernatural theme produced by TVB, starring Moses Chan, Kristal Tin and Nancy Wu as the main cast. The series has a total of 28 episodes and I have just watched its final 2 episodes just now. The Chinese title has a double meaning; when read accordingly it literally translates to “Ghost to Overtime With You”, however the word “ghost” (鬼) is also a Hong Kong slang that is equivalent to “who the hell” in English, so the Chinese title could also translate as “Who The Hell Wants to Overtime With You”. Interesting and a very catchy title.


The drama revolves within an architectural office in Hong Kong where an admin manager (Nancy Wu) have been very helpful and is secretly in love to the architect (Moses Chan). Unfortunately, she is electrocuted to death but her spirit (in electromagnetic wave form) is still present and can only communicate to an absent-minded woman (Kristal Tin) who was fired as a receptionist on her first day of work in that particular office. Kristal worked together with Nancy to stay in the office to continue helping Moses to realize his ambitious architectural project which leads to many conflicts and issues, and hence the whole story of the drama.


The story is fine with me. Despite the presence of supernatural element in this series, there isn’t anything scary at all and hence even kids will enjoy watching this series. Instead, this series delivered more laughters than ever with hilarious scripts, funny behaviours and entertaining scenes. I really enjoyed my time on this series and now I felt sad because it has already concluded. The only setback for the story is that the middle part is a bit too draggy with nothing much going on besides than dwelling into the same problem (of relationships between the three main cast) all over again.


Nancy Wu and Kristal Tin are very well on their respective role. As for Moses, he is too ‘stiff’ but it’s his character that requires him to do so. Other notable cast that are involved in this drama includes Eddie Kwan, Pierre Ngo, Vivien Yeo, Ram Chiang, Mimi Chu, Celine Ma, etc. Malaysian actress, Vivien Yeo did improve in her performance here as a sexy lady trying to seduce Moses for an objective. Her Cantonese had also improved but still not fluent enough. After her character is done, then Ram Chiang came in for the final few episodes. His character is very awkward as the IT man and I don’t really like it. Celine Ma is very hilarious. On the other hand, I am also not engaged to the drama between Mimi Chu (as Kristal’s mother) with an uncle (as Nancy’s father). It’s like forcing a poor side story to the whole series.

The visual effects are a bit lousy but I’m not really bothered by that. And one more thing; the works Moses have been doing is not really what an architect does (especially the part he worked on the engineering input for his leaning tower, it’s supposed to be engineer’s duty). The attention to detail in architectural profession, the focused career for this drama is poor. Anyway, I’m still happy that TVB used architecture setting for the drama right after interior design setting (in Romantic Repertoire series early this year that also has Moses Chan starring) rather than those typical lawyer, police or doctor theme.


The ending is quite exciting and lived up to my expectation with some intense as well as touching moments where everything is resolved for a happy conclusion. I’m happy on the way it ended with the three main cast being ‘indirectly’ together. This series delivered on bringing joy and laughter to me and my family as well. All of us watched this series. It’s highly entertaining and is so far the best series of the year. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Ghost of Relativity’ a total of 7.8. Still couldn’t get up to 8 yet.

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