A depressed time for Malaysia while our neighbour Singapore is happily celebrating their 50th anniversary of independence.

Singapore would be celebrating its 50th anniversary of independence this weekend. Popularly named SG50 Golden Jubilee, the island nation will host the biggest ever National Day celebration with various events from parade and fireworks display in massive scale. It’s sure to be a nice long weekend for Singaporeans as they enjoy public holiday from yesterday onward till this coming Monday. Looking back to the history, we are actually together as one nation, one family before Singapore decided to leave Malaysia to form its own country. It’s a right decision, looking at how far Singapore had passed us in many aspects of development.


Despite being separated, we are still good neighbours and that we have many things to learn from each other (particularly us from them). I would like to take this opportunity to wish to all my Singaporean friends, a Happy 50th National Day! Malaysia have passed that 50th mark eight years ago, and by the end of this month, it’s our turn for 58th anniversary of independence. Hmm…we are actually quite jealous of how great you guys are doing over there in Singapore. If you are not happy with the high income tax, high cost of living, and stricter laws over in Singapore, then you are actually not seeing the worst yet of which Malaysians are currently experiencing.

Despite the strong ‘Malaysia Boleh’ spirit, Malaysians could not stand all the bad things happening in our country from the recent aviation tragedies, political conflicts, scandals and corruptions, economic depression, racist incidents, GST, restriction to freedom of speech, etc. Our country’s reputation had gone terribly low especially in recent years with many negative issues that need no further introduction as even many worldwide news have reported them. We felt really embarrassed but our government remained stubborn and ‘hilarious’ in handling the current situation. Why I mentioned ‘hilarious’? Haha…reading government-related local news everyday is highly entertaining as our authorities love to make funny and brainless remarks sometime in between.

Now, 1 USD equals to RM3.9!!! The lowest ever Malaysian currency value in 17 years! Our money’s value is getting lower day by day! It’s impossible that it’s a good thing but then our minister said that it’s great as this will promotes local tourism! Huh…brainless…Then, we have the 1MDB issue linked to our Prime Minister, but he kept on saying there is no wrongdoings from him and the company eventhough many evidences came out that didn’t say so. Well, investigation is on the way but I’m not trusting that investigation which will be in the end in favor of the government. Then, our PM denied that there are 700 million USD in his bank account. Now, it is confirmed that the money is there (gotcha!) but are from donations and not from 1MDB. What?!…donations! How come no one donates 700 million USD to me ya? I want 7 USD also don’t have….Another brainless statement. They think that we are stupid or what?


Putting aside the troubled political drama in the country, Malaysians are also saddened with the recent confirmation that the flaperon (part of plane’s wing) found on Reunion Island belongs to the disappeared plane MH370. It’s been more than 500 days since that ill-fated plane disappeared without any trace. Finally, a piece of its wreckage is found but that concludes nothing on what had actually happened to the plane. It remains a puzzling mystery in aviation industry. Let’s just hope again that the black box can be located and all the questions answered very soon. Despite being missing for more than a year already, we are still in sorrow over such tragedy that shock the whole world. R.I.P. MH370…

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)


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