My new job nearby KLCC.

After having a break of over a month, it’s time to make my days useful again by taking up a job after I resigned as an assistant architect in a small architectural company not long ago. It’s nice to sleep till late morning and just rest at home without any pressure in my own holiday. But I certainly can’t put my time to a waste anymore and I need to earn more money to prepare for my study abroad by next year. No more laziness allowed! Hence, I’m back to the working class again. Fortunately, I’m being hired by another architectural company early this month (also as an assistant architect) after a successful interview. The company is called ‘Redd Design Office’ and is much bigger compared to the previous company I was in.

The office is located at Megan Avenue, a building complex right behind the OSK Building (or Bank of China building) along Jalan Ampang, KL. It needs only 5 minutes to walk from my office to KLCC. A strategic location which equals to massive traffic congestion if I’m driving to work from Cheras. Furthermore, the parking fees over there are too high and parking spaces are quite limited. Hence, I took the decision to take LRT eventhough my home is quite far from LRT station. But actually LRT is lalso not that convenient for me, as I have to spend around 25 minutes just to go to a nearby LRT station, then another 25 minutes to drop at Masjid Jamek station to change train, and another 15 minutes to reach Ampang Park station, and finally 10 minutes to walk to my office. 1 hour and 15 minutes for one trip. So, one day; 2 hour 30 minutes gone for transportation to office alone.

Having lunch in that area is also a heavy burden to my wallet. Everything is more costly over there. What to do? However, by thinking positively, having this unexpected change of job is actually a good thing also for me as I can learn to work in different environment. I also get to know many new colleagues in this new office and they are very friendly. Furthermore, different office has different style or format in architectural drawings and management. Hence, in this new office, I’m getting myself prepared to learn new stuff and put aside my 3 years of past experience for a moment. Well, on the other hand, I also do hope that my 3 years of experience would help me to excel in this new office too. I also realized that this new office is more efficient and productive. Besides that, it has a very appealing front lobby and reception’s design as can be seen in the images below. Too bad, the aesthetics didn’t continue to the studio space we are working in.

Picture 265

Picture 282

I’m looking forward to spend my days of working in this new office. Hopefully that I’m doing well over there. I have started the job on last Wednesday only. And today is already Friday! Looking forward to the weekend for me to claim back some time for laziness! Haha…Actually today my office is closed due to the KL City Grand Prix held nearby at KLCC that causes many roads to close. It is a street racing event in KL city centre that will be held from today till this Sunday. This is the first the city is organizing such event. However, if I’m not coming in to the office today, I have to replace on next Saturday. Hey…don’t disturb my Saturday. And so, I’m still going to work today. And most of my colleagues also went for work today, simply not bothering that arrangement. During lunch time, we walked to KLCC in hope of catching a glimpse of the race today. However, no race is scheduled during lunch time today. Disappointed. We only get to see the roads closed with barricades all around. Anyway, we can still hear bits of the loud noise made by the speeding cars during the race today from our office.



(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)


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