Another Saturday…opps, August already!

Weekend is sure to be boring and dull if you have no plans and you have no where to go. This Saturday and Sunday are just the typical days for me to sleep longer, stay at home and go online most of the time and have meals with the family. Are there any interesting events or activities I can do in the weekend without spending money? Haha…That’s a tough question.

Well, it’s now August. It’s the month of independence for my country, Malaysia. We achieved independence on the last day of this month back in 1957. This year, we would be celebrating 58th anniversary of that historical event. As a good and loyal citizen, I’m supposed to be very proud to be Malaysian especially during this month. However, all the current crisis involving the government that also affects the country’s economy (1MDB scandal, corruption, drop of currency, GST, cover-up of wrongdoings, ministers’ mentality, banning of news companies, etc) is pulling my patriotism away from the nation. I’m just getting so frustrated of all that political dramas that are certainly bringing the country down. ‘Wawasan 2020’? Forget about it.


(Image source:

Well, let’s not be saddened and not to think about all that for a moment as I have something positive to share now. It’s actually personally joyful for me and had nothing to do with you guys. My blog had recently received its 200th follower before the end of last month. I’m very happy that there are now over 200 people across the world whom have the interest and passion to keep updated with my postings. I’m grateful and I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for doing so. My heart certainly gets excited about it and I hope that the amount of followers will increase much further soon.

August 2015 Blog Header

For this month’s blog header (also shown right above), I’m using a very meaningful visual with the theme of ‘Hope’ to brighten up mood of every visitors and myself every time we come to my blog here in this single month. This powerful image is from the original source at I am also keen to bring this ‘hope’ to the country, wishing that the nation will get over from the present crisis and rises up to be as stronger as ever. But I think the possibility for that is very low. Haiz…Well, at least I have this positive mindset that I not only wish to spread to my blog readers but also to every Malaysians in this time of lowness. Remember, there is always light in the darkness.

Have a great month ahead!



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