Countless political scandals on-going. And things get worst today when a new Deputy Prime Minister is announced.

Hmm…it’s all bad news in newspapers! I’m tired of countless pile of shit from the on-going investigation into the 1MDB issue, and several others pertaining our Prime Minister (and his wife…she can never hides), and also the terrifying drop in our currency value. I believe most of the people (including me) do not really know the real facts or have clear knowledge of the scandal 1MDB is facing currently, hence we shouldn’t judge the matter straight away. However, what’s the point of investigating the company when the parties investigating it are believed to be also on the company’s side? Dumb. And till now, there isn’t any outcome yet. The investigation is so slow, ineffective and pointless. There must be something not right to it with billions of ringgit missing as reported.

Then, let’s not forget all the negative issues surrounding our leader. Wouldn’t want to elaborate further on that one as everyone had their eyes to see what’s happening. Malaysians are not stupid. And now, news companies which report facts on 1MDB and are not in alliance with government are even banned (Sarawak Report and now The Edge). Where the hell is our media freedom, and also our freedom of speech? Furthermore, unstable government leads to unstable economy. It has some sort of effect on each other. In the end, we are all suffering. Currently, our ringgit value is at the 17-year low to US dollar. Now, USD 1 equals to RM 3.81. Crazy. Our money has no value now. All these crisis contributed to the worst for the country and its people (us). Damn.


And recently, our Deputy Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin stood up criticizing 1MDB openly. That’s a good action, but definitely not well received by Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib. Hence, we had a shocking news of a cabinet reshuffle today and our Home Minister, Datuk Zahid Hamidi is appointed to replace Muhyiddin as the new Deputy Prime Minister. Oh My God…things are getting from bad to worst! What a crap! Zahid is previously known to be very racist. Doomsday for this multi-cultural nation….haiz…It is so obvious now that whoever is going against Najib’s administration, you will certainly end up in some place bad no matter how high your position is (former PM, deputy PM, PM’s brother, etc). What kind of government is this? It’s too oppressed! You just make more people to hate you further…


Stupid moves…stupid moves. My father told me that this is like the same scenario back in 1998 when the Prime Minister at that time, Tun Dr. Mahathir dismissed his deputy, Anwar Ibrahim as the latter was always against his government policies. Looking from a playful side, I believe there must be more and more political dramas coming up…and our newspapers are going to be packed with all that! So, we have sit back and enjoy (actually not enjoy, it’s suffer) the drama. It’s a mess in the country now and on the other hand, it’s a huge embarrassment in the eyes of foreign nations. What kind of democratic government is this if it cannot even accept and learn from criticisms?

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)


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