Raya holiday is over! And a movie review for Ant-Man (2015).

Ahhaa…time flies. Raya holiday is over. Despite not going out for a vacation as we usually have during Raya holiday, we still have plenty of activities to go through for the days. I went to Raya open house by Prime Minister at Putrajaya (my earlier post already described about it), tried on a newly opened and very cheap Japanese restaurant in my neighbourhood (the sushi were good), played and won quite a lot in rummy game with family, ate my favourite fruit; durians which are only available during its season, went to Malacca for a quick food trip with my sister, and watched two movies. I have written a review for ‘Harbinger Down’ film earlier, and now it’s time for ‘Ant-Man’ by Marvel.


‘Ant-Man’ is the latest film by Marvel after ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ this year, and it introduces a new superhero to the spotlight from the already huge ensemble of superheroes in Marvel Cinematic Universe. ‘Ant-Man’ up to the big screen! In Marvel story, once a person wear the Ant-Man suit, he can shrink to size of an ant and revert back to original human size, can have telepathic communications with insects and be the leader of the insects’ army, and is very quick in combat when he is in ant-size. In the movie, Scott Lang whom is previously a burglar have to redeem himself for his daughter by taking up the job by Dr. Hank Pym as an Ant-Man to save the world by preventing the Ant-Man technology from landing into the hands of bad people.


The movie performs well and distinguishes itself from the many other Marvel films already released earlier mainly because of the ‘getting small’ part. That’s the main element of the story not present in other superhero films thanks to the ability of the titular character to shrink in size. Superheroes are mostly big, but now we see a superhero as small as an ant and he is great in it! The plot is quite typical and predictable whereby we have a villain (that’s a must) with his own shrinking-in-size suit creation named Yellowjacket, then a doctor that realizes a big problem and find a guy who wants to give a good image to his daughter to be the hero and save the day. Not that complicated and I like how the story in this movie links back to many Marvel subjects (like Hydra, Avengers, SHIELD, etc). The connections are plenty and are awesome.


When we see a superhero film, we will certainly concentrate on its actions! Yup..Ant-Man delivered on that. It’s a fresh thing to see superhero battling it out in a small scale while people hardly notice it. The ‘strangeness’ and the ‘smallness’ from that situation are advantages for the film. Eventhough some action sequences are too quick and messy (many things going at once that can get me dizzy sometimes), but overall I enjoy them. Paul Rudd is wonderful in portraying the Ant-Man, while the other cast also did considerably good works in their respective roles. There are also bits of humour throughout the movie for a good entertainment. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Ant-Man’ a total of 7.7.

Not bad. I didn’t have any high expectation before watching this movie and now I’m quite impressed. Well done, Marvel. You produced another brilliant work from a new superhero despite not receiving very good box office return this time. Anyway, Ant-Man would still now join the Avengers in future movies. And if you haven’t watch it, please stay until the very end of the credits of the movie for one mid-credit and one post-credit scene.

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