No trip on this Raya holiday. Boring at home.

I’m not trying to boast myself but me and my family would usually have two oversea trips every year, one during Chinese New Year break and another one during Hari Raya holiday. This year, we have been to Jogjakarta, Indonesia in mid-February during the Chinese New Year break. Now, it’s already the Hari Raya holiday and we are still in KL. No trip planned this time. Of course I’m left disappointed and was feeling unusual staying at home this time around. The authority is with my dad since he is the one paying for trips, and he decided not to go anywhere on this Raya holiday.

He said that it’s burdening this year if we go for another trip. His business is not good especially in recent years. And then, there’s our failing national economy and the alarming drop of our currency. He also didn’t do quite well in stock market this year. And he wanted to save more money for me to further my study next year. He is thinking from all angles and I have to agree since it’s partly because of me too (will spend most of his money for my study later one which is much more important than these expensive trips). Okay…we will just stay at home.


A happy holiday for me? Not really. Boredom at home. There is nothing interesting to do. So, I dedicate my time for movies again. There is this ‘Harbinger Down’, a new  sci-fi monster horror film. I usually like this type of movie. Monster unleashed and kills people in gory and horrifying ways. ‘Harbinger Down’ follows a group of graduate students aboard a fishing trawler, who are studying the effects of global warming on a pod of Orcas in the Bering Sea. When the ship’s crew discover a block of ice that is infected with alien bacteria, they are attacked by shape-shifting alien monsters.



The plot looks fantastic and reminds me of ‘Aliens’ and ‘The Thing’. They are really cool monster-horror movies in the past. However, I’m left very disappointed after watching ‘Harbinger Down’. It is no where near the quality of that two masterpieces. ‘Harbinger Down’ looks more like a low-budget horror film with poor storytelling, poor acting, and poor cinematography. The movie is already short and the first half of the movie is wasted on boring story development. Even when the characters started to realize the danger, I could not still feel any intensity going on. I have to praise for the use of practical effects rather than CGI on the monster. However, the shots involving the monster are awfully done. It’s too quick, too dark, too close-up and too shaky. Terrible shooting. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Harbinger Down’ a total of 6.1. I think I have wasted RM10 going to the cinema for this. This thing should just be in direct to DVD rather than having a theatre release.


Eventhough I’m not a Malay and is not celebrating Raya, but I do feel the Raya mood around and within myself. That’s what we called a Malaysian. We ‘celebrate’ and ‘feel’ for all festivals no matter what race or religion we belong to. To all my Malay friends, have a blessed Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebration and enjoy the festival!

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)



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