Malaysians, unity and peace first in the time of escalating tensions in the country.

There are so much dramas going on in the country now that if you want me to write them all down, I could easily publish a thick novel based on it. First, there is this GST implementation. Then, there’s worrying drop in our currency to record-breaking low. Poor economy. Then, there’s 1MDB scandal. Former premier, Tun Mahathir came out as biggest critic. Then, Prime Minister got angry by Wall Street Journal’s article. Bank accounts exposed. And most recently, the Low Yat fight incident. And from there on, the government wanted to limit our freedom of speech and social website use further. What?!! Malaysia had a bad 2014 with all the aviation tragedies. And this year, things didn’t turn out well either for the country.

I’m actually fine with GST implementation. Many countries had that much earlier. However, starting the tax at 6% is quite unbearable. It’s too high. Furthermore, the government claimed that this tax will standardize all the sales and services while also eliminating other taxes imposed like service charges. But hey…now I still see service charges in many places. Then, sellers increased all the prices of basic necessities, food, clothes, accessories, etc. And now, plus with GST. That’s obviously more burdening than ever. Maybe it is not the right time to start this GST because our country is in poor economy situation right now. And stop telling us lies that our country’s economy is very good right now. We have eyes and we knew what’s happening right now. Frustrated.


I knew that they wanted to have GST to stabilize the country’s finance and reduce the national debt. I understand that. We do not want to be like Greece right now which is at the brink of bankruptcy. But hey, we are not like Greece. We should be financially steady since we have many sources of income, like from our petroleum, oil palm, natural resources, tourism, etc for all these years. But now, our debt reached over 50% from our GDP. Where does all the profit goes? You know, I know. I won’t tell it directly here. If not, I’m going to be sent to jail for allegation. Haha…So, what’s the outcome: alarming drop of our currency rate compared to the others. Our ringgit hits the lowest of the decade. Even our money now has no value. We are usually at 3.5 to US Dollar, and now we are at 3.8. Oh my God. Poor Malaysians. Everything is not on our side. Frustrated.


1MDB. A company by government that has RM42 billion in debt. Then, they clarified that the company had assets with values amounting more than the debt. Then, there’s reports of billions of ringgit in the company missing. I don’t care of how much assets (or maybe not) you got, but hey…42 billion debt? That’s crazy. If you are one of the directors of the company, can you sleep well every night with 42 billion debt in your mind? Even, our former Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir came out and hits hard on this issue to the government. And yes, he is now even being ‘silenced’ and can only write his opinions down on his own blog. Poor him. He is such a influential and respected figure in Malaysian history and yet his criticism is not well accepted by Najib (current Prime Minister) now. We demand explanations and while investigation is on going, I’m sure the odds will be in favor of the company in the end. That’s how Malaysia is in all these years. Then, there’s also the MARA’s purchase of expensive units at Melbourne. What’s MARA is doing outside the country? Not going to explain further…Frustrated.

Then, here came a Wall Street Journal’s article on allegation that public funds were transferred to Najib’s personal bank account. Najib said it’s a big lie and malicious accusation to him. And as expected, he sued that US publication company. But hey…they had all the evidences to support their claims in the article! And then, Najib said it’s all fake. Haha…evidences that are in favour of his government is considered solid proof while evidences against them is considered fake and void. He can say whatever he wants. Then, where is justice then? He played it all…Then, there’s expose of his wife’s bank account too that received also huge amount of money in recent years. Same response; these evidences are fake… Haha. What a joke. Their lavish spending (especially ‘you know who’) is known throughout the whole country already. You can’t simply hide from us anymore. The leader brings the nation down. Frustrated.


Lastly, there’s this Low Yat incident. There are many different stories told but in the end, only one is right. And as clarified by the police, the right story (the truth) is as follows whether you like it or not: A Malay man and his accomplice tried to steal a phone in Low Yat Plaza on Saturday. They were caught and brought to the police. The accomplice was set free and he brought his gang to wreck havoc in the Oppo store. The Chinese salesmen in Oppo have to do what they need to do; to defend and fight back. Hence, the brawl. These Malays are already wrong and yet they attacked the innocent. What on Earth is this? I’m not being racist here, but please judge the situation in neutral state of mind. And on Sunday, many Malay organizations held protest and attacked people outside Low Yat, claiming that the Malays’ right should be protected. Haha…seriously? It’s not about your rights (it’s only about a theft and a fight case) and yet you sensationalized this issue to something so racist and even politically motivated. These protesters even shouted anger and hatred to Chinese and DAP. What does DAP have to do with this? Haha…these people are really brainless and hopeless. Somemore, it’s even their Ramadhan month and they were out to make chaos and disrupt racial harmony. Come on…we are all Malaysians and we should live in harmony. Peace and unity first. Then, only can our society be stable and our nation grows. Frustrated.


Did you notice that I end every paragraph of this post with a word ‘Frustrated’? Haiz…definitely frustrated and angered by all these tensions happening in our country right now. It’s bad for all of us. Things should be solved quick. But nope…things just get worst day by day for this country, to the point that I can say it’s hopeless being in here. I love Malaysia, but these things are causing me not to.

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)




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