Astro Star Quest (新秀大赛) 2015 Final.

Another year, another final for the Astro Star Quest competition. If you didn’t know, it is an annual singing competition for the young and talented Malaysian Chinese, and it is already the 19th edition for this year. Last year, we attended the final show at outdoor parking area at Bukit Jalil. Couldn’t believe that it was already a year ago! Time flies. This year, the final was held at Putra Indoor Stadium at Bukit Jalil too. However, this is the first time the organizers are charging for the entrance ticket. We are not going to pay for it, as we still got to watch it live on TV from Astro Wah Lai Toi just now.



The five finalists this year are Apple, Daniel, Joseph, Jacqueline and Debbie. Two males and three females. Before the final, these five went through all the previous preliminary rounds and a semi-final successfully (obviously) without being eliminated. They were now in the final show, and it was apparent that everyone of them delivered to their best on this very night. But still it was a competition, and only one will be crowned champion. And who is the champion? The winner is Apple. Like most others, I knew from the very first preliminary round that Apple is going to be in the final and win this. And yup, my prediction came true. She had a very nice voice, and her singing skill is brilliant. She can deliver all kind of performances.

Now, let’s get back to the three-hours final show just now. There are only two rounds. In the first round, every contestants has their about 15 minutes of time to perform few songs straight. It’s like having own concert for every finalists. Some seniors would also join in to sing together. Jacqueline was the first on stage and didn’t perform quite well. Maybe it’s the anxiety to sing first that puts her down. Debbie came next. I don’t like her from earlier stages because she always sing English songs. I’m tired of it. In the final, she also sang mostly English songs. Not good enough eventhough she has a powerful voice. Daniel always triumph because of his creativity in his singing. As for Joseph, he made a huge mistake; he sang all slow songs and that gets audiences bored in this concert-themed segment. Lastly, Apple came out. Perfection. She nailed it again and we knew she is going to win it.

The fifth place goes to Jacqueline. Expected. Then, the fourth place is awarded to Joseph. If he didn’t make that mistake in his selection of songs, then I’m quite sure his ability simply puts him in top 3. Too bad, his part is uninteresting. Nevertheless, he still won two other awards of the night; Best EP, and Best Media Attention. The final three was revealed; Debbie (the dark horse, she would be fourth if Joseph didn’t made the mistake), Daniel (heavy favourite) and Apple (also heavy favourite and my personal favourite). The final round was quick. The top 3 performed their most capable song respectively. As predicted, Debbie and Daniel sang English songs again. Ehh…too much. It’s okay if you used English songs, but cannot be too much. It’s still a Chinese singing competition. Even the judges said that at the end. Apple delivered her best again and to no surprise, she won. Excellent! She deserved it (also the Mazda car and RM50 000 prize for the champion).


That’s the end of the competition. Wait…Danny is the guest star of the show? Can’t they find better guest performer? He is just an ordinary boy who didn’t win the past competition he joined back in 2008, and also didn’t have any fame either. As for the judges line-up, there are graders from Taiwan, Hong Kong and also from local. That’s good for the international involvement in it. But I don’t like Ah Niu as one of the judges. He isn’t professional in judging. Overall, the final show was amazing. Now, have to wait one whole year for the next one; the 20th edition (Astro Star Quest 2016).

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)


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