This week, time for one-word titled movies; ‘Home’ & ‘Stung’ (2015)

‘Home’ is an animated buddy comedy film by Dreamworks released early this year. Despite receiving mixed reviews, the movie did quite well in worldwide box office. Animated films always do well in box office. Kids love them, and adults would bring them to theatres. Animated movies are also light and fun. The story takes place on planet Earth, where an alien race called the Boov (purple creature with many legs and can change colors based on emotions) invade the planet. However, a young girl named Tip manages to avoid capture, and goes on the run with Oh, a fugitive Boov to find Tip’s mother and also to correct Oh’s mistake on inviting their enemies to find and destroy Earth.

home 2015 movie poster


It is a fun animated movie if you take it lightly. I watched this at home and I’m quite enjoyed with the whole story from the beginning. It looks nice and entertaining all the way with those typical plot and elements found in the past animated films. However, I find that Dreamworks still could not push their animated works further to an exceptional standard like how Pixar achieved in these years. Well, ‘Home’ has some moving moments, some family and friendship warmth going on too, but not as great as those found in Pixar movies. Dreamworks has to work something out. If not, adults will not be able to enjoy your animated movies much. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Home’ a total of 7.1. There’s a lot of Rihanna music in this movie. Too much.

Next, is a movie review for ‘Stung’. This is not a kids movie. Only 18 and above can watch this due to some horror and gore elements in it. ‘Stung’ tells about a fancy garden party that turns into upper class prey when a colony of killer wasps are released and mutates into seven foot tall predators. Seven foot tall! That means these wasps are even taller than human once mutated. Eeewww…that’s so illogical because these wasps are too big. Well, there is no science behind this kind of movie and I will just enjoy it as a typical monster movie. And yes, the movie delivered on that. I mean only that with those blood and gory scenes. And even for that, it is not done good enough.



There is one or two jump scares too in this movie, but I’m actually expecting more. It’s just all about loud noises, and nothing much. Those horrifying scenes are too quick too. In the past, I have seen many movies based on human-preying animals like crocodiles, sharks, cockroaches, anacondas, ants, etc and this is the first time I’m seeing wasps (bees) killing people in movie. The CGI and the effects look great and very realistic, putting it above those low-budget sci-fi movies. However, the plot is very thin and I couldn’t feel the intensity as the drama builds up in the story. And there came a bad ending where everything explodes and those wasps didn’t die off yet ‘surprisingly’. And yeah, the main couple survive. This conclusion is so much predictable. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Stung’ a total of 6.3. Not that exciting and slightly disappointed.

Next up, I’m looking forward to ‘Harbingerdown’, ‘Ant-Man’ and ‘Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation’, of which all will be released in this month alone. Awesome…So many interesting movies this year!

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