8 Everyday Things You Didn’t Know Were Invented By Malaysians

China invented this and that. US invented this and that. Do Malaysia has ever invented something very useful too? Yes, but obviously not much. There is not even a Wikipedia page to show inventions by Malaysia while others have. But I’m sure you won’t be disappointed after you read this list of 8 everyday things you didn’t know were invented by Malaysians.

1. Automatic egg boiler.


Located in almost every kopitiam and mamak, this nifty device made all half-boiled eggs perfect to its core. Invented by Datuk Hew Ah Kow, it is a detachable 4-piece plasticware. Basically, you place raw eggs into the container, pour in boiling water, then wait for the water to slowly drip to the bottom. Your eggs are done when the water has drained fully!

2. Rubber stamp clone.


Before this invention, you would have to wait for days for a custom rubber stamp to be made. The Polyclone can do it in 5 minutes. The invention by Robest Yong eliminates completely the need for lettering bits, composing messy plaster moulds, the use of high temperatures, and the need for photographic equipment.

3. Nehemiah walls.


Did you know those hexagon-shaped blocks along flyovers are invented by a Malaysian? The design by Dr. Nehemiah Lee is such a success that it is being used in countries such as Singapore, Australia, and Hong Kong. Its facade, or facing panel, comprises hexagonal (honeycomb-shaped) blocks of pre-cast concrete, each interlocked with dowel bars. But the real ingenuity lies behind these panels: the compressed soil, usually sand, that holds up the facade is strengthened with galvanised carbon steel rods running through it and into the panel. Each hexagon in the facade has at least four of these steel bars, with each bar secured by an anchor block.

4. Lytro camera.


The Lytro camera solves the age-old problem of unfocused photos. Since its inception, many competitors have been mimicking the technology onto their own products. Designed by Ren Ng, it is a plenoptic camera which lets users adjust the focus of a photograph after the fact thanks to an array of micro-lenses over the camera’s sensor.

5. Water dispensers.


These greener and cheaper water dispensers have been a life saviour to many college students around Malaysia.  Designed by Ooi Seng Chye, it is a water dispensing machine which processes raw sewage water into clean drinking water, via reverse osmosis method, reducing the waste to nearly nett zero.

6. Flipper toothbrush holder.


Designed by Goo Yock Tee to keep your toothbrushes clean, the toothbrush holder was a commercial success and won numerous design awards both locally and abroad. Flipper is a nifty toothbrush holder with a unique patented design. Through a cleverly-designed mechanism, a Flipper stores your toothbrush in an enclosed compartment and yet opens/closes automatically and conveniently.

7. Flash drive.


All your assignments, all your movies, and songs stored into one little device. Who ever knew it was all because of the work of one Malaysian? Designed by Pua Khein Seng, a USB Flash drive is a data storage device that includes flash memory with an integrated Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface. However there has been some claims from other parties that they have invented the USB flash drive first. This item is seriously the most useful and also the only things in this list of 8 that I knew beforehand that was invented by a Malaysian.

8. Loom bands.


The humble rubber band designed by Cheong Choon Ng is all the rage in schools today. The ability to create your own jewellery with rubber bands has been a hit, selling 3 million units worldwide! It is a favourite accessories to many popular figures. Even Duchess of Cambridge wear it in occasions. If you still didn’t get it,  The Rainbow Loom is a plastic device for turning small rubber bands into jewellery.

The link of the original article is here: http://says.com/my/tech/everyday-things-you-didn-t-know-were-invented-by-malaysians. More information of these 8 items can be found from the link too, like how and why these persons invented these items.

The source only listed 8 items. Wouldn’t it be nice if there are 10 in the list to make the list more perfect? I believe there may be some inventions out there that are by Malaysians too which we still didn’t realize yet. If you do know, you can share it here in the comments.


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