Sunday with dad at Pudu’s UTC, Petaling Street and Bukit Bintang, KL.

Yesterday I got to spend the whole day with my dad. Only both of us as others were not around on that particular Sunday. He woke me up early in the morning (not that early actually, it’s already 9am) to accompany him to UTC (Urban Transformation Centre) KL to renew his passport. Formerly known as Puduraya (located in front of Plaza Rakyat LRT Station), it is now a one-stop center containing several government offices for people in KL to attend to while still maintaining its original function as a bus terminal. It’s also now called as Pudu Sentral. I had my passport renewed earlier during the weekdays, and so my only role yesterday was to accompany my dad and help whenever possible since I’m familiar already with that place.


My dad didn’t plan to drive all the way to KL city centre and hence we stopped at Taman Cempaka LRT Station and took the train to Plaza Rakyat since the station is near to UTC KL as mentioned earlier. When we reached there, we were shocked to receive a number that was almost 200 persons ahead of the current turn (number) displayed on the screens. We have to wait for about 200 people!!! That is the longest queue I have ever witnessed. Of course we do not wish to just sit there and wait for several hours at least. Hence, we walked out to the nearby Petaling Street (Chinatown). It’s nice returning to Chinatown with all the happenings on the street surrounded by rows of traditional shophouses.


My dad recommended a very old and popular place selling unique ‘chee cheong fun’ along the street. Hence, we had breakfast over there and the ‘chee cheong fun’ was really nice. After that, we ate ‘guai lin gou’, a traditional Chinese herbal jelly which is very bitter at Koong Woh Tong. Wow….we were very full by then and continued our walk around Petaling Street just to get over the waiting time for my dad to renew his passport. After an hour, we returned to UTC, and only about 40 people were settled. Still about 160 more before our turn. By using simple calculation, we assumed that we need to wait at least three hours more for our turn. My God. There is no more place around here to hang around.


Hence, we took a cab to Bukit Bintang, specifically Lot 10 shopping mall. Why? I can get to shop at the famous H&M shop over there, one of my favourite retail shops. I shopped alone (better actually) while my dad was playing with his phone. My dad spent RM200 on renewing passport, while I spent my RM 200 on three shirts from H&M. Sounds fair. Haha…but I also forked out RM200 on my passport renewal not long ago. Done with my shopping and we head straight to the nearby Pavilion KL mall to check out the Raya decoration and also had our lunch there at the Nyonya Kitchen restaurant. Then, it’s about time we head back to UTC. We didn’t take cab this time; we walked back to UTC. Really tired.

Back in UTC, we were relieved as our number was approaching soon and that most importantly, we didn’t miss it. It’s approximately 5 hours wait for our turn. Hmm…luckily, we had many activities in between. After that, everything was fast and smooth and my dad finally got his new passport. We left our house at about 9am and we only got to return home at 4pm. 7 hours to get it done. Or I shall say, 7 hours of nice trip around KL with my dad. It’s exhausting but it’s really nice to spend the day alone with my dad. Love the moments till to the point I wish to share it here with my blog readers.

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)




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