The many thoughts on this particular end of June.

I couldn’t manage to sleep well recently. There has been many thoughts and worries on my head nowadays. The most troublesome of those thoughts is my preparation for upcoming postgraduate study. If everything is cleared, then I would be heading to Australia to pursue my Master of Architecture by end of next month. So, it is only less than one month left from now for me to make all the preparations for the 2-years study oversea. Time is running out, but the university’s staff aren’t helpful and efficient to help me on this. I have to settle many things, have to lodge a student visa application quick, and have to buy many stuff. Hopefully everything will be very smooth for me from now onwards so that I can go on with that plan to finish my Master study.

My second concern is my financial status now. I have to admit I’m quite financially stable right now but not after the upcoming study I mentioned earlier. The postgraduate study in Australia that will takes only two years would costs me over RM 250k at least. Of course, my lovely dad is helping me out mostly on this, but I still have to cover up part of the expenses. It’s my own study, so it’s my own responsibility. I do not wish to spend much of my dad’s money again. He is old, and I’m already a young adult. Should really take care of my own. But after that, it looks very likely that my bank account will be very much empty in 2017 after I graduated. Will be nearly broke. Hmmm….so sad. Why is studying abroad is so extremely expensive?


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Next up on my mind is finally not a concern, but rather a joyful thought. After waiting for the durian season for about a year, finally it arrives. Durians are pilling up recently in many fruit stalls purposely opened to sell the ‘King of Fruits’. Durian in Malaysia is forever the best. I like it very much. Enjoyed the smell, the taste, the creamy texture, but not its thorns. Haha…In these two weeks, I’m very much satisfied with all the durians I have eaten. Looking forward to ‘Musang King’ durians soon. Have to eat as much as possible by now. When I’m going to Australia soon for my study, then I wouldn’t have the chance anymore to taste this lovely fruit.

Today, I’m surprised to see many of my Facebook friends changing their profile picture into tones of six different colours. Even Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg did the same. What it is about? I only found out the reason after checking out the worldwide news. Recently, US Supreme Council has lifted its ban on same-sex marriages on all the 50 states in the United States. That means same-sex marriage is legalized now in US. Wow…what a controversial move! It’s a big step forward for LGBT and I believe it receives strong support (as well as objections inevitably).


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My thought would be; I’m okay with this decision. Neither strongly agrees or strongly disagrees. The flag of six rainbow colours is a symbol of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual) movement across the world, and seeing many people changing their profile pictures to that is a sign of support and celebration to this historical decision by US law. But, I myself didn’t bother to change my profile picture. Haha…But I stand by the principle that love is regardless of age, gender, religion, race, nationality, disability, etc. Love wins.



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