Father’s Day dinner at Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant, Hulu Langat.

Ahha…today is already the Father’s Day celebration right after the Chinese’s Dumpling Festival yesterday. Have treated myself few traditional sticky rice dumplings yesterday on the day of the Dumpling Festival or formally known as Duanwu Festival (falls on fifth day of the fifth month in Chinese lunar calendar). Today, it’s time to treat my dad as this is his day. It’s also the BIG day for all fathers across the world.

Couldn’t spend the day with my dad as he went up to Genting Highlands yesterday and had only returned on this late afternoon. Hence, me and my sisters will not waste the remaining day by immediately treating him for a nice dinner at a Thai restaurant in Hulu Langat, which is quite near to our house. We also invited our uncle over. More people is better. The restaurant is called Vege Fish Farm Thai Restaurant. On the road from Ampang to Hulu Langat through the hills and the formerly popular Ampang Look Out Point (now no longer opening), there is a huge signboard of that restaurant on the right side. But the restaurant is actually not there yet. You have to drive down and deep into the jungle and finally you will reach a huge parking area by the restaurant.


(Image source: http://mmmsaikong.blogspot.com/)

We have visited the place before once a long time ago. It’s a wood-built restaurant around a small lake surrounded by hills. Very lovely atmosphere. There are music, fishes, and jungles. Since my dad is interested to eat Thai food recently, hence we brought him here. We were shocked by the huge amount of cars seen once we reached there about 8.15pm. Then, we knew it’s going to be a lot of people and we must have to wait very long for our food to be served. It’s also a trying time for us already to even find an empty table. The place was full. We get ourselves prepared for the long wait, but we couldn’t stand the extremely poor service by the staff. It’s not their fault. It’s just that there were too many customers at one time, and that left them in a very busy and chaotic situation.

All of our orders (the others too) were messed up. Our vegetables didn’t arrive eventhough we have had asked for it for at least five times. Mistakes over here and there. And we finally finished the meal after two hours. Yes…two hours long! The food are not bad and the price is quite reasonable. But this place is not recommended to visit on special days like today (Father’s Day). Everyone is going there, and they are not able to manage that huge amount of customers. We were so bored in our wait for the food until we tried to calculate how much they can earn in that dinner period with about 70 tables there fully seated.  We say; RM300 for a table. So 70 x RM300. That’s about RM20 000 the restaurant earned for only that one short period of time. Wow…so today I guessed they earned over RM50 000 easily. Just for a single day. My God.

We learnt a lesson; next time, we will only visit this place early (before 7pm) or visit the place during normal weekdays. Anyway, everyone of us was full (after that meal of garoupa fish, lala, crabs, cuttlefish, and vegetables), and most importantly, my dad is enjoying the dinner. He is the star of the day. The VIP of the day. But my love for him comes in everyday. Happy Father’s Day to my beloved dad, and also I take this opportunity to extend the greeting to all wonderful fathers across the world. Have a great weekend!


(Image source: http://www.cryptoslice.com/)


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