TVB’s ‘Wudang Rules’, watched it just because there is nothing else to watch.

‘Wudang Rules’ is a Hong Kong martial arts, action themed television drama of 20 episodes set in present days. It starred Chin Siu Ho, Tavia Yeung, Yuen Qiu, Timmy Hung, Derek Kok, Toby Leung, Jonathan Cheung, etc. This is the series that continues after the end of ‘Limelight Years’ drama of which the latter is slightly more interesting. Since the other series; ‘The Empress of China’ is a China drama and was already half way through, I decided to go with ‘Wudang Rules’ eventhough I’m not interested in every aspects of the series. However, it would be nice to see the return of Yuen Qiu and also Chin Siu Ho (older brother of Chin Ka Lok and previously popular for starring in Mr. Vampire movie as the disciple) in this one.


The plot; After a set-back in life, former Hong Kong undercover detective Pau Kai-chung (Chin Siu-ho) heads to the Wudang Mountains in Hubei, China to get away from life. At Wudang he re-connects with his former marital arts senior Mo Yee-shan (Yuen Qiu), who now operates an inn and martial arts school in the Wudang Mountains. She also takes in a mentally retarded man named Ho Ching-tung (Derek Kok) with a mysterious past. Kai-chung takes up a job as a chef at Yee-shan’s inn. All is peaceful until a group of martial art students lead by Yee-shan’s daughter Lok Yeung (Tavia Yeung) arrives. From there on, there are many conflicts and laughter in the school while more dark mysteries of Kai-chung and Ching-tung are revealed.


Eventhough the series is only taking up 20 episodes, but I already find it a bit draggy and boring particularly in the middle part of the drama. When the series started with picturesque setting at the Wudang Mountains and introduction of many interesting characters, it gets me going and wanted to see more of their developments. However, as the series progresses to half way mark, things aren’t seems to be developing with many boring and unnecessary scenes. I tried my best to get past that, and fortunately, the story gets back on track with better-paced plot in the later part of the series.

This is a series not meant to showcase brilliant acting. All of the cast delivered simply an average performances. Eventhough Jonathan Cheung’s character is a playboy and comes with many exaggerated behaviours, but he is the one that made me entertained in almost every episodes eventhough that is only a minor role. He is funny. Everyone else has their part of the story, but nothing comes out great besides the touching moment when a girl gave birth to a baby and decided not to sell it. Now, you must be wondering why I’m still not commenting on the two main leads; Chin Siu Ho and Tavia Yeung. It’s because they are simply too plain in the series. Chin Siu Ho’s acting is no where near the level to be considered good. His facial expression is mostly wooden and rigid. I think he should continue staying away from TV and just retires. Even his younger brother Chin Ka Lok can handle roles better than him. As for Tavia, it is just another role she needs to complete without any challenge or breakthrough stuff.


The ending of the series is quite good. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Wudang Rules’ a total of 6.8. The series also lacks a bit of ‘kung fu’ scenes or energetic/climax stuff as highlighted from the theme of the series. Now, I’m looking forward to new drama next week entitled ‘Master of Destiny’. This upcoming new series starred Liza Wang again after we have seen her not long ago in ‘Limelight Years’. She is usually good in her series.

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2 Responses to “TVB’s ‘Wudang Rules’, watched it just because there is nothing else to watch.”

  1. Not expecting much from Master of Destiny. didn’t hear any buzz from Mainland

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