28th SEA Games, Singapore 2015 concluded.

The 28th edition of the South East Asian Games (simply known as SEA Games) has finally ended yesterday after about two weeks of intense spirit of sports shown by all the 11 participating nations in Singapore, the host country. The closing ceremony was held yesterday at the new National Stadium in Singapore Sports Hub. The closing ceremony was short and simple (took less than one and a half hour), but was nevertheless beautiful and meaningful. The most interesting part of the show is the stamp segment of which stamps depicted in larger animated 4D formats translated the history of Singapore. The country is achieving 50 years of independence this year. The massive fireworks display in the end was awesome!





The organizers kept it quick and clear so that there wouldn’t be any boring moments except for one; the performance segment by Malaysia, the next host of the games. It’s very embarrassing to see Malaysia putting up such a poor show here, in a way to introduce and welcome ASEAN to the country in 2017 for the next edition of the games. Very disappointed. We kept on delivering traditional-styled or cultural-based performances which were slow, very dull, unappealing, outdated and boring. I think we will put up poorer opening and closing ceremonies 2 years later compared to what Singapore have done this year. The probability for that is very high. We should really fire up our creativity skill on delivering performances in ceremonies.

Thailand came out top in the medal table. The country maintained the overall champion status as they came out at No.1 too in overall medal tally in the previous edition, Myanmar 2013. Usually the host country will perform exceptionally well probably due to higher number of athletes competing, hence higher chances of winning as well as the undeniable bias judgement to host nation in several subjective sports. And that is why Singapore emerged as the first runner up in the overall medal tally. They have more medals than Thailand, and this is their best achievement in the history of the games held once every two years.


Vietnam came out third. Now, here comes my country, Malaysia at 4th placing. That is considered a good position for the country which is recently criticized for poor performances in the Commonwealth Games and Asian Games held last year. In Singapore 2015, Malaysia obtained 62 gold, 58 silver and 66 bronze with overall medal count at 186. It is a vast improvement to our previous medal tally of 43 gold, 38 silver and 77 bronze back in Myanmar 2013 (the last edition). We have also successfully achieved our earlier target of 50 gold medals. We have even broke the 60-gold milestone and this is one of our best achievement in SEA Games’ history.

Congratulations to all the winning Malaysian athletes! You make us all proud. Diving is proven to be the best sport for us in the region as we swept all the 8 gold medals contested in this particular sport. Our country also performed very well in archery, bowling, sailing, and squash. I paid close attention to badminton, and I’m very disappointed that Malaysia failed to win gold in the team events. Fortunately, we did better in individual events by winning 2 out of 5 gold medals. However, our Malaysian badminton team has to work harder for the following bigger games and championships as I still find that we are poor in several areas in the sport.

Now, the 28th SEA Games, Singapore 2015 had finally came to a beautiful end. The next edition (29th) will be held at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2017. That’s my city. SEA Games, see you in Kuala Lumpur 2017! And then after that, we will set our target further to host bigger sporting events like Asian Games. Hopefully…


(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)



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