Completed a beautiful and challenging puzzle in a week!

Back in the end of 2011 or early 2012 if I’m not mistaken of which that is the time I have just graduated from my degree study and I was very free, I bought a 1000-pieces puzzle for me to fill up my leisure time during my long break. It’s a glow-in-the-dark puzzle of a church’s interior. Not long after that, I have completed the puzzle, had it framed, but till now, I have not hang it up on the wall yet. That’s the first huge puzzle I have completed, and there began my interest on doing puzzle.

In late 2012, I bought another puzzle with similar features; 1000-pieces and can glow in the dark. However, this time, it’s depicting the magnificent Hong Kong skyline at dusk. The previous church puzzle is looking historical and it’s an interior view. Now, the Hong Kong skyline puzzle is a total contrast to that; modern and it’s an exterior view. Hong Kong city has one of the best skylines in the world and I love how the city looks like with all the beautiful skyscrapers and lighting, together with fascinating mountainous backdrop and bay.

But then, I seem to have ignore and forgotten the puzzle and keep it until now, after almost three years. Recently, I want to do something else rather than facing my laptop everyday, and hence I took out this puzzle finally. And I completed it in a week’s time. That’s fast, as I have spent roughly a little over two hours on it everyday. The hardest part of the puzzle is the top portion where the sky is. It’s blue with a little tone all over, and hence everything looks almost the same. There is no way to identify where this piece or that belongs to. I have to do trial-and-error for that huge sky portion without any other choice and it’s really very tiring and time-consuming.

1st day in progress:


3rd day in progress:


5th day in progress:


7th day – finally completed:


Finally, after a week of effort and patience, I completed another puzzle. Felt relieved and hugely satisfied. I’m going to apply glue on it today, let it dry, and in few days later, to get it framed. I have to hang these two puzzles in my home soon. Their beautiful and intricate visuals complete with striking glow-in-the-dark feature will make these two art pieces perfect decorations for my small home. However, I think that they didn’t glow bright enough in the dark. Will it wear out? Anyone can advise me on that?


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    Completed a beautiful and challenging puzzle in a week! | My Blog City by Vincent Loy

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