June 2015, the month when my holiday truly begins.

It’s unbelievably quick that we are approaching closer to the middle of the year already. From this month onward, I’m officially unemployed and it’s the month I’m starting to truly enjoy my holiday. But this holiday won’t be taking too long, as I’m about to pursue my Master study at oversea from this coming July onward. Now, it’s all my right to get lazy before I’m getting back to intense study mode soon. Kinda excited for it after three years of working.

In my past three years of working, I learnt quite a lot of stuff from my company; from my employer, my colleagues to my clients, contractors and consultants. The experience I gained from there would be of great value to me in continuing my path for a greater future in architectural career. I find that it’s time for me to continue with Master study after I have completed my degree in architecture back in 2012. No more delay, and I shall get back on right track to achieve much bigger things ahead.

But before all that, I am granting myself a lovely holiday. In life of all the busyness, we must slow down and take a break. We deserved it. A time of break for a good rest before all the madness resumes in my Master study that will likely requires me to stay up all night occasionally again. I’m hoping that the workload from my upcoming Master study would not be as much as the ones I’m handling back when I was undertaking my degree course. I also hope that I would do well in my study. This would also be my first time studying abroad. Kinda excited, but at the same time, nervous of it too. It’s okay. I can handle it. Will reveal more details of it next month. As of now, my mood is:


(Image source: http://www.vibeshifting.com/) Happy, of course!

Now, for this month, I’m enjoying. However, there are still several things that I would like to accomplish in this month alone; completing a difficult and a huge puzzle I bought years ago, maybe read a book and finish it, learn new architectural software skill particularly on renderings, etc. I also need to buy some stuff and have to renew my passport this month. If not, I couldn’t fly to oversea for my study. It’s not going to be a totally free month anyway. But at least, I can now sleep a bit longer and doesn’t need to join the others in the traffic congestion every morning to go to work.

June 2015 Blog Header

The image above forms the top part of my blog as the header of the month. What do you see in your first thought? It’s actually an abstract representation of lights in different colors placed randomly all over the place. It looks simple yet interesting. Bright and colourful which best represents my mood expected for this month. Hope you would be in this same good mood as mine too! Have a lovely June 2015!


5 Responses to “June 2015, the month when my holiday truly begins.”

  1. You didn’t say where you were studying overseas. Where are you going! 😀

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