Why is the internet so slow ???!!!

That must be a question most Malaysians are having a headache with. We usually couldn’t watch Youtube or any online videos smoothly as they are always buffering. And the loading time takes forever. It’s taking my whole night just to download a file. It’s really testing our patience beyond limit. There isn’t many available free public WIFI access available in the country yet. Even when we have an internet connection, it is unstable and always disconnect for some users. The high cost for connectivity at home or for business is also a major financial burden. These are some of the frustration Malaysians had in regards to the internet in the country.



(Note: Nothing will load from the above. It’s just a ‘gif’ indicating the screen we usually see when we surf internet)

How do you want to achieve the ‘developed nation’ status by 2020 when the country is so slow and inefficient on its connectivity (broadband and network speed)? According to a survey conducted by Ookla (a global broadband testing and web-based network diagnostic applications company that compares the download, upload and line quality of broadband connections), Malaysia is ranked a low 126 out of 192 countries surveyed from May 2013 to April this year in the recent Net Index. That is an embarrassing statistic for a country considered highly developing now and contradicts to the government’s claim that the nation is on track to Vision 2020.

126 out of 192. We are among the poorest on internet speed. It’s proven. It’s not that Malaysians are hard to be satisfied on internet connection, but it is seriously way too bad. The authority (and telco companies) have to do something quick if they wanted for a true globally-connected country. It will makes everything runs faster, smoother, more effective and efficient and will have obvious impact on the people and the economy. They have to upgrade all the existing internet, make more places accessible to WIFI, reduce the cost for internet packages, etc. We can’t stick to the current situation. That would be a shame, and intolerable.


For comparison, our internet speed is even slower than Vietnam and Cambodia in the region. Malaysia is at 5.48 Megabits per second (Mbps), almost three times slower than Vietnam. Zooming to the number one spot was Hong Kong with a speed of 78.3 Mbps. Singapore sped to second placing at 66.6 Mbps while South Korea was ranked fourth (53.77Mbps), the United Kingdom 23rd (26.85Mbps) and the United States, 32nd (23.9Mbps). How I wish our country is somewhere in that speed and not like a ‘turtle’ now.

net speed

To sum it up, we couldn’t be among the slowest and most unstable in the world for internet connection. In the present era of global connectivity, we couldn’t be left out in this particular crucial area. We are all in the digital age. Life is ‘incomplete’ without science and technology now. Fix the country’s internet quick and we will be up and running to be a developed nation soon. If not, we are just overriding the doubtful statement that we are among the fastest growing country currently. Also not to forget the many other areas or elements that would determine whether a country can be developed and of high-income status. Malaysia, can you really achieve that?

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)





4 Responses to “Why is the internet so slow ???!!!”

  1. Hmm interesting post. I’ve been to Malaysia once and I never had a problem with the internet speed. Maybe I didn’t watch any videos? lol

    How do you keep up with drama series if you don’t watch it on TV? Do you go out and buy it?

    A vlogger once made a comment that Australia’s internet speed was super slow compared to that of South Korea. I think Australia’s internet speed is about 6.9mbps, so we’re not that far ahead of you guys.

    I hope that Malaysia picks up it’s game.

    • vincentloy Says:

      I just checked australia download speed. it’s 16++ mbps compared to malaysia which is only about 7mbps. australia is double than us. i guess u went to some hotspot in malaysia where the connection is faster but these places are very limited here.

  2. Your post is so spot on ! Paying a fortune for unstable and snail speed internet connection !

  3. A fascinating discussion is definitely worth comment.
    I do believe that you need to write more on this topic, it might not be a taboo
    subject but usually folks don’t speak about such issues.
    To the next! All the best!!

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