2 movie reviews: Area 51 & Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

If you would ask me to choose one from the two movies; Area 51 and Mad Max: Fury Road to watch with no knowledge of the storyline of both films, I would go for the former. Area 51 sounds interesting and mysterious and I might get to see aliens in that movie perhaps? Must be fun and thrilling as it deals with an area so secretive, isolated and controversial with extraterrestrial presence. While for Mad Max, I’m certainly clueless about it and what it is about? So, I went for Area 51 movie. I watched also ‘Mad Max’ because of the critical acclaim it received currently. And now, I think I wasted my time on ‘Area 51’ movie while on the other hand, ‘Mad Max’ is madly good.

Let’s start with a quick review for ‘Area 51’ movie. It’s about a group of friends attempting to break into the highly-guarded Area 51, the government’s secret location rumored to have hosted encounters with alien beings. Their mission is of course to uncover the mysteries in the place and this movie is of found-footage genre. Nowadays, many films take on found-footage approach. I must say that this method is a bit more appealing and looks more realistic for us to believe. There is no wrong for this movie to use this way again.



The major disappointment is that the story takes too long to build up. The first half of the film is too draggy and slow, with nothing happening. It only shows the group preparing their stuff, get to Las Vegas, introducing some equipment, explaining a bit of Area 51 and met a new people. When the intense begins as soon as they break into Area 51, nothing much dramatic is shown and it’s already almost the end of the movie. You can’t see a proper alien for more than five seconds in this movie eventhough they are really in there. There is also no heart-stopping actions or chase or whatsoever that I’m expecting earlier from this sort of movie. A very creative plot with potential but with no spectacular thrills going on at all. Out of 10 points, I rate the movie ‘Area 51’ a total of 6.6 only.



Next up is the film ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’. Now I understand why it received universal acclaim and ratings all over. Because it is really that good to my surprise. This is a post-apocalyptic movie, and I never like the style of the movie; indigenous feel with rock-style pattern mixed. But wait, this movie delivered, particularly from all the crazy and exhilarating stunts and actions that will keep you at the edge of your seat. Sets in a stark desert landscape where humanity is broken, two rebels just might be able to restore order: Max, a man of action and of few words, and Furiosa, a woman of action who is looking to make it back to her childhood homeland.

The two main leads, Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron are great. Their astonishing performances in this film which is in need of explosive energy and exhausting strength are really good. They enhanced the actions, and they delivered the punches. Nicholas Hoult also did his part well. Also one point to compliment from this movie is its score; the movie soundtrack. Loud and fits perfectly cool as the actions are on-going. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ a total of 8.0. Another exceptional and violently distinctive film this year.

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