Kuala Lumpur City Gallery

Kuala Lumpur City Gallery is a gallery operated by ARCH Collection Sdn. Bhd., the country’s largest model-making company. Located in a historical building nearby Dataran Merdeka and KL City Library, it is a free information centre particularly for tourists wishing to know more of the past, present and future of KL, the capital of Malaysia. The highlight of the gallery is its spectacular city model show of which you have to pay RM5 for it. Well, that’s reasonable.

I have visited the gallery recently. Here are some of the images I took in the gallery (photography is allowed but no flash in certain areas);

‘I Love KL’ Sculpture at the entrance of the gallery:



Museum-like space of the gallery, the beginning of the tour:






The spectacular model show:





Model of Dataran Merdeka, Sultan Abdul Samad Building and their surrounding:



The real one:


I find that the gallery is a bit too small with very limited information offered regarding the city. Not enough history of the city is explained. It would be better if there is some interactive or 3D display of the history of the city. There should also be a section elaborating on the many available tourist attractions in the city. Anyway, I shouldn’t complain so much since the gallery only charge RM5 and that it is only a humble starting effort by ARCH company. But to be honest, they have to expand the gallery.

Nevertheless, the model show is beautiful. I am impressed by the scale and details of the city’s model in display, beautified with animated lighting and music. However, the presentation segment is a bit too quick and I couldn’t catch up with the information presented.

Before ending the visit, there is an open workshop that allows us to see the ARCH’s staff working with their model-building. The tour is definitely short, but you can take your time checking on the souvenirs available. There are many interesting things beautifully crafted by ARCH on sale here but the prices are too high. You can also use your RM5 entrance ticket as a rebate when you purchase food or beverage in a small cafe in the gallery by the side of the souvenir shop.

Official website of the gallery: http://www.klcitygallery.com/index.html

Additional information: http://www.backpackingmalaysia.com/things-to-do/kuala-lumpur-city-gallery/kuala-lumpur

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2 Responses to “Kuala Lumpur City Gallery”

  1. Thank you for your lovely blog about the gallery and the wonderful pictures. You were mentioning about a section on the other attractions of the city. Yes we already have that in the Information centre, where brochures, leaflets and travel services info are provided to any visitor who wishes to get more info about what to see and do in KL and even beyond. As for the history, all the display exhibits is self explainatory, hence you have to read in detail all the descriptions to know much more. We have interestingly showcased KL’s history bit focusing on the prominent years and events, more details can be found in the wide selection of books we have for browsing at the retail shop.
    Just to fill you in, ARCH products have been endorsed as The Official Souvenir of Kuala Lumpur, as each souvenir you take home is hand-assembled to perfection by our ARCH Mastercraftsmen. Most importantly, they are all MADE IN MALAYSIA hence very reasonably priced at premium quality. We shall be opening up more space within the gallery very soon to exhibit more on Kuala Lumpur,
    do keep in touch with us to know more about that as well as other happenings and events, thanks again for visiting!

    • vincentloy Says:

      Thanks for your comment. That was just a few straightforward comments by me as a visitor. Hope that the gallery will make further improvement in the future. It’s still a nice place to visit, and I do appreciate the effort of ARCH for having this gallery at least.

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