3 movie reviews together; Jupiter Ascending, Project Almanac, Demonic (2015)

Three movie reviews in a post. Brief and straightforward comments on these three films that I have watched in the past week. ‘Jupiter Ascending’, ‘Project Almanac’ and finally, ‘Demonic’. These three are this year’s films but are of different genres respectively.

‘Jupiter Ascending’ is an outer-space fantasy film. Besides than its impressive visuals, I have nothing else to praise for this film. Not engaged at all to its storyline. Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis as a pairing failed; there isn’t any chemistry between them. As for the villain, portrayed by Eddie Redmayne, this year’s Best Actor in Oscars, I couldn’t hear a word from his mouth in this film. Perhaps it is not his fault. He may be ordered to voice or mumble all the way like that and that is very bad. I couldn’t find any excitement watching this too. Boring. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Jupiter Ascending’ 6.0 only. It failed to ascend, … it descends!


Next is the science-fiction film ‘Project Almanac’ which revolves on a teenager discovering a time travel machine kept in secret from his deceased father. He then used the machine with his friends to change events in the past only to realize its riddle effect is far more fearsome. It’s a good film, but can be outstanding. Limits are not pushed for crazier fun in this movie despite having a highly potential storyline. Anyway, still entertaining and worth my time to watch. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Project Almanac’ a total of 7.0.


And finally, ‘Demonic’, a horror (paranormal) film and James Wan (the man behind ‘Saw’, ‘The Conjuring’) is one of the producers for this film. It tells the story of police investigating a group of students murdered in a haunted house they visit to communicate with the spirits. The plot sounds very typical and old-school, but the movie still worked out for me. There isn’t much shown in the first half as the story builds up in a reasonable manner. Then, the second half is where the intensity starts. Some jump scares are typical and expected, but there are also some that really scared the shit out of me. There is also a major plot twist in the end, pushing everything a level higher. This is the best horror film I have seen after ‘The Conjuring’. Similar style, direction and atmosphere. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Demonic’ a total of 8.0. I don’t get why this film isn’t received that well by critics.


Next on my watchlist for films coming real soon; San Andreas (a movie on earthquake) and Jurassic World (fourth sequel in the popular dinosaur-film franchise).

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  1. \o/ Yay a horror movie i can watch with my friends for our next movie night. haha! cheers

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