Elections…elections everywhere.

Now, this post is political when it comes to the topic of elections. Election is a process where voters pick their representatives in the government (usually as Member of Parliament) of a particular country. Smaller elections are known as by-election while the big one (involving whole country) is simply called as General Election. Have I vote before in election? No. In my country’s (Malaysia) previous General Election back in 2013 when I’m supposed to vote after reaching 21 years old, my registration came after the closing date unfortunately. Will exercise my right to vote in the next General Election.

Recently, there was a much talked about election in my country. It’s only a by-election (election for one parliamentary seat for one place) but it received a lot of hype as it involves Wan Azizah of the opposition party, PKR against Suhaimi of the government coalition, BN and also two other independent contestants (these two can be ignored). It’s a major battle between the opposition and the government coalition in Permatang Pauh, Penang. Since Anwar Ibrahim (opposition leader) is jailed (for the unbelievable sodomy charge) and left the seat vacant, his wife, Wan Azizah, the leader of their party (PKR) became the candidate. Fortunately, she won the by-election (with nearing 9000 votes of majority), but with a slightly reduced majority. It’s okay as long as she wins. BN should learn what they have gone wrong, particularly from the GST, 1MDB, luxurious lifestyle of Prime Minister’s family (you know who), cronyism, corruption, race-based policies, and ineffectiveness of the government.


Next: The General Election of United Kingdom. That’s a main news all over the world now. David Cameron, the incumbent Prime Minister of UK, successfully retained his government, this time with larger and stronger coalition after his Conservatives party won the minimum majority of the Parliament to govern the country. Out of 650 seats, Conservatives took 331 (more than half). Their strongest rival, the Labour Party only took 232 seats, making it a very shocking and disappointing outcome for the main opposition party. The other parties (SNP took 56 seats, Liberal Democrats took 8, UKIP took 1, and other Independent took 22) filled out the remaining seats. Before the election, many predicted that it will be a very close race between Conservatives and Labour, but the former defies all odd to become the clear winner. And it’s quite surprising.



Congratulation to David Cameron. This time, he doesn’t even need to join hands with other parties to form a government coalition. His party had the numbers to do that already. This is a great news for him as the country is torn between these two strong parties for the last twenty years that resulted in hung-parliament. Hung-parliament means the government is unstable, not strong, and couldn’t do a lot of things smoothly as one party needs to unite with other parties/party for majority. David wouldn’t have that worry now and he’s back to 10 Downing Street as the Prime Minister in second-term. Let’s hope that his administration and government will work to bring the best to UK.

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)


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