Expo Milano 2015: Other interesting structures in the Expo.


Well, that’s the site plan of the currently on-going World Expo at Milan titled Expo Milano 2015. After showing off many beautiful national pavilions in my previous blog post, it’s now time for the other interesting structures available in the expo to be highlighted here. No more words…just enjoy the pictures!

Open Air Theatre (where the opening of the expo took place few days ago)


Vanke Pavilion


Tree of Life at Lake Arena


The Main Street 


Plaza with Pavilion Zero at the background


Vatican Pavilion


I have heard that there are people protesting in objection of the expo as they see it not giving any real benefits to the locals and will only profit the organizations that took part in the event. Actually, I’m also actually in doubt of the effectiveness of this expo on conveying message to the world about our current food system, the theme of the exhibition. People will just visit the expo, see the exhibits, and then forget about it once they leave the place. That’s typical. But I still see expo as a great opportunity to see nice architecture like I mentioned earlier in my previous blog post.

Okay…I think that’s enough for the expo stuff in my blog here at this moment.

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)


One Response to “Expo Milano 2015: Other interesting structures in the Expo.”

  1. I totally agree about the part you mention at the end. I’m not sure how effectively this expo can convey their message about feeding the planet but regardless, expo’s are just a nice day out! It’s something to do / somewhere to go.

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