Star of the month: Sammi Cheng. To watch her concert in Malaysia end of this month.

It’s now less than two weeks before the much-anticipated concert by Sammi Cheng on this coming end of April. I have been waiting several months and looking very much forward to it, and finally she will return to Malaysia to perform at Arena of Stars, Genting Highlands on 24th and 25th April 2015 (8.30pm onwards). The last time she is here was way back in 2011. That’s four years ago. I have attended her past two most recent concerts (both at Genting too), and of course, I will not miss out this one.


(Image source:

I’m glad that we bought the tickets much earlier as the Saturday’s show is now sold-out and there are only very limited seats available for Friday’s slot. She is my childhood idol. Even till now, I still enjoyed listening to her songs (like mostly on her classics and slow love songs). It is hard not to admire this lovely great singer. She needs no further introduction if you are a Chinese. If you are not, then I’m telling you that Sammi Cheng is a Hong Kong singer, and is regarded as Cantopop Queen (or diva). She enjoyed her success in music career since mid 1990s and went on to win many annual singing awards and had been known as one of the most famous singers in Asia Pacific.

Besides than singing, she is also involved in many past films of which most performed very well in box office, hence people started calling her also the ‘box office queen’. She is popular in mostly romance comedy genre in films and had starred opposite megastars like Anita Mui, Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung, Leon Lai, Louis Koo, etc. Her highest recognition in films is awarded best actress by Hong Kong Film Critics Society Award over a decade ago, and once nominated in Venice International Film Festival for the same category (not to mention nominated many times in Hong Kong Film Awards and Taiwan’s Golden Horse Awards). I also enjoyed her films. So, basically, her songs are great, her dance are awesome, and her films are entertaining. She nailed fashion all the time too. Perfect icon for a superstar. How can you not like her?

The only little imperfection she has now is that she is too skinny currently. She needs to add up a bit of weight, but anyway, she doesn’t mind known for being that and ‘flat’ too. Her singing skill is not the greatest but considered good from her in this age (now already in 40s), and I hope that she will perform longer than 2 hours in her coming concert at Genting. And if not, we would all be not satisfied. I’m there for her (now can be called Mrs. Hui since her marriage to long-time partner, Andy Hui is confirmed recently) on the Saturday’s show. In film, I hope she will take on more challenging and out-of-her-comfort roles that will let her acting shines so that she will one day be crowned best actress. She deserved it after all the years.

I find that the blog header of this month that highlighted the GST issue one (very viral in Malaysia) is a bit not nice and isn’t suitable for my blog. Hence, I kept that for first half of the month only, and the last half will be dedicated to highlight Sammi and some shots (images from different sources throughout the world wide web) of her performances (in different outfits) in her recent Touch Mi concert tours at Hong Kong (end 2014 – early 2015). Beautiful, isn’t it? I considered myself one of her fans (not the crazy one), and so, I put up the blog header specially for her.

April 2015 second half blog header

Now, I’m just waiting, day by day, for next week’s Saturday to arrive. That’s the second and last day of her Touch Mi World Tour in Malaysia, and the day I will be seeing her.


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