Visit to Nirvana Memorial Park for Qing Ming Festival today.

While the Christians celebrate Easter today, the Chinese have to pay a visit to cemeteries to worship and clean the graves of their ancestors or deceased family members. It’s a compulsory practice during the Qing Ming Festival that falls on this day (usually 4th of 5th April every year) but we can also do so within the 10 days before and after the exact day of the festival (today). Not necessary need to do it on the exact day, but since the exact day this year falls on Sunday and is convenient for us, hence we chose this day to go to Nirvana Memorial Park, Semenyih to visit my paternal grandparents and my mother as usual.

We started our journey quite late this year (right past noon) to avoid congesting with most other who prefer to go in the morning. We avoid ourselves from the usual traffic congestion that could waste a lot of time. Furthermore, now, there is only one way to go to the memorial park (through Kajang expressway) since another alternative (which we previously used) at Hulu Langat is no longer usable due to the previous incident of road collapse several years ago. Till now, we believed the road has not been fixed yet and is still blocked. The Nirvana Memorial Park is just as beautiful, as clean, and as scenic as what we have seen in the past years. Great maintenance. There are also not many people around this year, or I guess that’s because we came here quite late this time. The park is getting bigger every year and now it contains so many sections (see below).

funeral service nirvana memorial park nirvana malaysia nvasia 15 a

(Image source:

When we are worshiping my grandparents, the weather is very hot. The Sun is at its strongest, and umbrella is a must in such condition. It’s inevitable to hope for cloudy weather and windy condition at that time. Then, as we proceed to my mother’s grave, the weather turned the opposite as we wished for. But it’s not a good thing. The strong wind prevents us from burning the candles and joss sticks. Then, the rain came. Fortunately, we manage to do everything and it’s only a drizzle at one short period of time. Next time, we will remember to preferably stay with hot and sunny weather, as it’s easier to do all those worshiping works.

Just came back home, and we were all tired. And we realized that over 4 hours have passed. This weekend (which is ending very soon) is like nothing for me. No time to rest or for any entertainment or outing as I spent the whole day yesterday working on renovation drawings for my sisters’ upcoming salon. Today, already half of the day spent at Nirvana Memorial Park. Let’s not talk about it anymore. Anyway, Happy Easter to all who are celebrating!


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