How much I hope that GST’s commencement is just an April Fool’s joke! But it’s not.

It’s April 2015. Certainly not a good month for all Malaysians. Why? The topic we all have been talking for a very long time is finally turning into reality; GST (Goods and Services Tax). The proposal for GST implementation was informed to the country years ago when the Prime Minister announced its annual budget if I’m not mistaken. But people are still talking about it (mostly criticizing it of course) for so long, until this day when it will officially starts. Some are still not ready for it, some are confused on details of the tax, some agreed to it (I’m sure very few only) and many are totally opposed to it. 6% GST. So, basically, our RM100 note now worth RM94 only.




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But we can’t do anything. That’s how it works in Malaysia. People’s voices would not be heard while the authority enjoyed above with all the wealth gained from this new tax system. I understood that this form of tax is standardizing everything in the market for equality to all, but in the end, it is still the government that earned. No benefit at all to the people of the country. This is only adding burden to us in the time when all prices of stuff went up, our currency value is dropping and our country’s economy and finance is fragile. Many items are affected by this tax, and prices will certainly shoots up. Not to our surprise, and we expected that, but the government kept on telling that there should be no burden on us. Wait…we are not stupid or brainless. We know and we can judge and analyse things.

I have to prevent myself to go further on my angry remark on the GST implementation and the government here, because if I continue, it may results on my post and my blog website here being banned, my freedom of speech violated (highly possible in this country) and even getting me to prison. So, I will stop. But my blog’s header of the month would still be about GST! Nobody can run away from this viral topic. Everyone is talking about it even before it is started. And now, it’s officially started, and everyone would be mad. Should have done a heavy pre-GST shopping last weekend, to save at least some money. Now, everything is getting more expensive. Haiz…

April 2015 Blog Header

We knew that GST is also implemented in many countries across the world, but they all start it with low percentage; for example 3% or 4%. Our country starts it with 6% straight. Thank you, government. That’s too much for all of us. I knew you can’t wait to cover the national debt which has now amounted to over eight hundred billions and also for personal gain, but you let us all suffer and drive us to poverty. Whether we like it or not (obviously not), GST proceeds. Have to continue our daily life pretending nothing happens, but the impact is inevitable to all of us. That’s my first thought when it comes to this month of April, when GST starts. It finally came. How we all hope that the GST implementation is only an April Fool’s joke. Haha. But that’s impossible. Happy April’s Fool anyway…



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