TVB drama ‘Eye in the Sky’. Review right after its finale.

‘Eye in the Sky’ (天眼) is a TVB crime thriller series of 20 episodes released this year that revolves on a police inspector brilliantly solving cases with the aid of careful observations and critical thinking from CCTV footages. That is the reason the series is titled ‘Eye in the Sky’ that refers to CCTV. He later changed job to a hotel security manager and found his long lost brother whom is actually a thief, and there goes the story. The drama starred Kevin Cheng, Ruco Chan, Tavia Yeung, Tony Hung, Samantha Ko, Becky Lee, Rosina Lin, Vivien Yeo, Lau Kong, Susan Tse, etc.


If you do catch up with my previous post few days ago, you should notice that I’m currently following closely and very engaged to this series as it progresses. I have high expectation and hope on this series since it started out really very well. The cast is strong and the story is good. I also enjoyed seeing Kevin Cheng back in TVB drama after not seeing him for some time already. This investigation-themed plot had my interest since success of ‘Line Walker’, a critically-acclaimed drama last year.

But as the series develops, things go downhill. Not very serious and not to the critical stage yet, but you can still sense the drop of intensity as each episodes passed. All I can blame is on the writing. Everything looks promising in the beginning, but the quality of writing keeps on deteriorating and the way it made Jan’s character too shallow is quite a major disappointment. Jan is the female lead, but in this series, I am more excited of seeing Vivien Yeo (the mysterious assassin and a hotel guest) than her. Vivien did improve in her acting after so many years. Susan Tse is acting quite weird in this series, and I knew her character would be killed off.

The highlight of the show is definitely on Ruco Chan. He is a very talented actor. No question to that. In this role of which he played a good son with a wicked heart inside, Ruco did an amazing job. He nailed the role and the way he conveys the emotions whether it is happy, sad, jealous or evil is very brilliant. Perhaps this may be the year for him to be crowned Best Actor, but the timing is not right as this series is released too early and will be forgotten by end of the year when TVB Anniversary Awards will take place. Kevin Cheng also did fairly well, but nothing outstanding. Tavia Yeung performed nothing, but she shouldn’t be blamed as it is the character’s fault, not her.


Eye In The Sky(天眼) TVB 2015 Kevin Cheng(鄭嘉穎), Ruco Chan(陳展鵬), and Tavia Yeung(楊怡)

Things and certain aspects didn’t go deep or fully developed as they should be for an exciting drama till the end. For example, the romance between Kevin and Tavia is very short-lived. However, this series is still enjoyable and carries sufficient substance to be called a series worth my time to watch and remember for at least a few months. Its ending is nothing memorable or spectacular, but it wasn’t bad either. I prefer to have Ruco to inflict more shocking revenge, to have Jan died, etc (to push the drama further or crazier) in the finale. Its ending still has explosive and over-the-top moments but those should be scattered throughout the whole series for a more balanced affection to it.

Overall, it’s quite a good series. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Eye in the Sky’ a total of 7.5. Ruco contributed a lot of points.

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One Response to “TVB drama ‘Eye in the Sky’. Review right after its finale.”

  1. lim teck huay Says:

    I love this show…ruco chan acting highly commendable….kevin cheng charms one with looks and acting too…..good cast

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