My dad’s birthday last Friday. Two movies this weekend. And reminder; Earth Hour next Saturday.

Me and my two elder sisters are already in our 20s. We are still young and energetic while our only living parent, our dad is getting old inevitably. I have observed more and quicker white hair growing on him; a pace so fast that the black-colour hair dye could not catch up. Last Friday was my dad’s 57th birthday. In Chinese calculation, he is 58. We treat him with a buffet steamboat dinner together with the whole family last Friday’s evening and we had a great time together eventhough it’s without birthday cake or any formal celebration (he is not into those things). Here, I wished Happy Belated Birthday to my dad, and healthier and happier life for him.

Hmm…another typical weekend comes and goes. As usual, my favourite thing to do in the boring weekend; movies! On Saturday, I watched ‘Chappie’, a sci-fi film that revolves on a robotic police droid that is different with the others when he is stolen and given a new programming of which he can think and feel for itself. The film starred Dev Patel, Hugh Jackman, Sigourney Weaver, and Sharlto Copley (as Chappie, the titular droid).


I watched the movie with low expectation as I didn’t want to watch it in the first hand. It is my sister who asked me to watch it with her. And I’m glad I did. The movie is underrated, as I find it deserved much higher rating it attained now in many critics’ platforms currently. The movie is good in almost every aspects, and above all, the sentimental and emotional impact behind this robotic-themed movie is wonderful! This reminds me of ‘Real Steel’, another robot-based film few years ago (that also starred Hugh Jackman) that is also equally good but are both in different plot and direction. Out of 10 points, I would rate ‘Chappie’ a total of 7.7. Entertaining, emotional, great visual effects, amazing music scores, and good endings. You should go and watch it if you haven’t. Didn’t expect it but Chappie is adorable.

Today is the time for ‘Seventh Son’, an epic fantasy film based on a book I guess. The film starred Ben Barnes, Jeff Bridges, Julianne Moore, Alicia Vikander, etc. Superb cast, but pointless. Everyone in the cast put up a mediocre performance that lacks power and passion. However, the movie isn’t really that bad as indicated from the low rating it obtained out there. I do enjoyed the many action scenes in the movie fighting evils from monsters, assassins to witches. The movie did performed in the ‘fantasy adventure’ part but on nothing else. It isn’t bad or outstanding but worth my free time on a Sunday’s afternoon. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Seventh Son’ a total of 7.0.


Now, here comes a reminder for all of you. Earth Hour 2015 is finally approaching. It’s on this coming Saturday, 28th March 2015 at 8.30pm (your local time). Remember to participate just by switching off your non-essential lights for an hour as a symbol of unity and determination to show our love and concern to this beautiful planet. It’s an annual global event that actually and should goes beyond the one hour, and it wouldn’t be without your help and effort. Please do so. Thank you.


(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)



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