Yesterday was the Black Friday, and today is the Pi Day

Now I guess some of you might be curious on the reason I labelled yesterday as Black Friday and today as the Pi Day. Do some research and you got it. Previously, I didn’t know what these are all about too, but after a quick Google search several years back, all questions answered. If you are lazy to do so, then here I provide you the answer.

First of all, what is the date yesterday? It’s 13th March. Don’t bother the month, just the date. It’s 13th. And it was a Friday. So, we have Friday the 13th. Did you get something from it right now? Friday the 13th! Yes, that’s the title of a very popular franchise of slasher films about Jason Voorhees, a murderer with hockey mask at Crystal Lake camp. So, did he haunt you in your dream last night? Haha…just joking. Or maybe Freddy Krueger (another popular slasher in dreams) didn’t help to get him into your dream…


It is a very popular superstitious belief at the West that Friday the 13th is regarded as the Black Friday. A day of unusually more unfortunate events or something like that. I don’t believe it, but hey, these kind of superstitious belief is the one that gives us some topics to talk about too on yesterday.

Next, is the Pi Day today.  Remember this symbol,  π ? That’s one very important mathematical symbol that equals to 3.141592653589…..and so on. It may gives some of you a hard time answering your mathematics questions last time. What’s the date today? March 14th, 2015. That’s 3.14.15, and if you want to be exact, then the exact Pi moment today is on 9.26am at 53 seconds. Haha…Want to do something that relates to this day? Eat pie (pie sounds similar to pi)! Haha… And one more surprise, when you mirror the number 3.14, you get something that spells pie (see image below). Got it? Mind blown, man…And this day is something that happens once in a century. The next time the exact Pi Day is on year 2115, unless you kicks out the year number and celebrate it every year just on March 14th.


Tomorrow, ahh…normal Sunday, nothing special but we have reached the middle of the month already! That’s fast.

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)


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