Time we hated the most…end of another weekend.

I’m sure everyone agreed with me that the two-days weekend break isn’t just enough after five days of working, working and working. Saturday and Sunday always come and go very fast, and there goes Monday again! Oh…no! Definitely in Monday blues tomorrow. What to do? That’s the life of people in this planet. Everyone is confined to their same daily routines; either going to study for the kids, or going to work for the adults.


I have always ask that question (above)…

Fortunately, the past weekend had been quite good for me. And the weekend had been all about gambling. Opps…not a good habit, not for the kids, but we only take it as a form of entertainment. Last Saturday, our usual activity after dinner; rummy game! I lost quite a sum of money at first, but in the last few rounds, my luck returned and I won in the end, before the game ended at about 1am in the midnight. On the other hand, my dad also decided to buy a set of three-players mahjong, so that in future we can play mahjong rather than only playing rummy all the time.

And just now, we watched one of the many Chinese New Year films released this year. The movie is titled ‘King of Mahjong’. So, that should tells you obviously what’s the movie is all about; Mahjong. As the movie told us, mahjong is not only a tool for gamble, but also part of a very important Chinese culture with a long history. This movie taught us some very good messages that we can actually learn by playing mahjong.


The movie is a collaboration between casts from four countries; Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan. Great to see this kind of cast ensemble, with Chapman To and Mark Lee as the leads. Very relaxing and hilarious performances, especially by Chapman. Not only an entertaining Lunar New Year movie, but also one that succeeds from its moving storyline that touches on love in family (and able to find many good Hong Kong stars like Eric Tsang, Michelle Ye, etc), ‘King of Mahjong’ is a paid-off product under Singapore and Malaysia. Out of 10 points, I will give it a total of 7.2. Better than expected. It’s not a typical Hong Kong styled mahjong movie. ‘King of Mahjong’ has its own comedy and touching ‘flavour’.

How I wish that I could have that set of tiles of mahjong the actors get in that movie all the time! Always very nice, but that won’t happen in reality. Forget about mahjong, the ‘real’ reality is to get back to computer work tomorrow onwards! Arrgghh…

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)



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