Movie review: From Vegas to Macau II (2015)

Oh my God! My over-a-week holiday is over! Have to get back to work tomorrow eventhough I’m still very much in holiday mood. Before beginning to stress myself with workloads waiting tomorrow onward, I enjoyed the most on this last day of my break by watching a Chinese New Year film; From Vegas to Macau II. It is a sequel to a film of the same name released on CNY last year. Chow Yun Fat returned as the main lead, while new casts were added (Nick Cheung, Carina Lau, Shawn Yue, etc). Also not to forget some very good cameo appearances from Wong Jing (director of the movie), Eric Tsang, Nat Chan, and Andy Lau.


After foiling the criminal plans of the international money-laundering syndicate DOA, Ken (Chow Yun Fat) from Macau is ready to sit back and enjoy life. Ken’s plan for a calm existence comes to a halt when his protégé, Vincent (Shawn Yue) join Interpol and asks for his master’s help in arresting the real mastermind of DOA, Ms. Aoi. In the adventure, he is involved with former DOA accountant, Mark (Nick Cheung) and his daughter. The story looks to be interesting and explosive. And it is. The movie is full of many action-packed sequences, but that’s not an overall good thing too. Why? I’m expecting more of gamble-related happenings in the film (as the movie’s title suggested). For CNY movie, I’m not eager for actions. Fortunately, the movie delivered quite a number of hilarious spots (particularly Ken’s robot) to get us engaged into the story as it progresses eventhough with very less gamble scenes (the movie deviates away from the theme already just like the first movie too).


However, some of the comedic substances and timing in the movie are a bit awkward and appeared ‘forced’ rather than came in naturally for a real good laugh. They tried too hard to make some jokes work, but it didn’t. Exaggerated acting by the cast also could not make it happen. Luckily, at his present age, Chow Yun Fat is still great in comedic role. Nick Cheung is also good. There are a lot of explosions and gun-fightings which for me are distracting. Like I mentioned many times already, I am anticipating more of Chow Yun Fat and the other cast displaying their skill and comedy on the casino tables rather than on gun-fights.

From Vegas to Macau 2 Chow Yun Fat 1

The best scene in the film is during the mahjong game with Wong Jing, Chow Yun Fat, Eric Tsang and Nat Chan in the early part of the movie. But that was very short (how much I wished that the scene would last longer).

Nevertheless, the movie is still a very entertaining one and is good to watch during this festive Chinese New Year. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘From Vegas to Macau II’ a total of 7.2. I heard that this year’s CNY films are mostly bad and boring while this one is already considered the better one. So, I made the right decision by watching this then.

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