February 2015 is going to be a great month with CNY and my oversea trip.

Can’t believe that ushering for the new year 2015 was done a month ago. Time is fast. Now, we have came to the second month of the year. I believed things are going to be much quicker in February, as it is the shortest among all 12 months every year. And that’s a good news for all employees. Working in less number of days this month but still get paid a full month salary. Who doesn’t like that? Furthermore, for Malaysians, there are quite a number of holidays this month to enjoy too!

For example, this weekend break is extended, thanks to the Federal Territories Day that falls today, on Sunday (hence Monday is holiday) and Thaipusam (which is declared a national public holiday two years ago) falls on Tuesday. So, we have a longer weekend rest (from Saturday to Tuesday) and will only get back to work on Wednesday. Cool, right? And for me, I had one extra day off on yesterday (Friday) as I felt ill and had no choice but to take medical leave eventhough my works are piling up. Anyway, this longer weekend is a great opportunity for me to take rest well.

By the middle of the month, we will have the Chinese New Year celebration, the most important for the Chinese. Eventhough the festival is still about two to three weeks from now, but the CNY festival mood is already here. During the coming CNY, not only will I visit some of my relatives with my family, but I will also go for an oversea trip to Jogjakarta, Indonesia. It is one of the two family oversea trips every year (one during CNY and one during Raya). This time, it is just a short trip (only four days) but I’m still looking forward to it. When I’m back to work from that lengthy CNY break, it’s almost the end of the month already.

So, Chinese New Year would be the theme for this month’s blog header. It comes with a background depicting traditional Chinese shophouses, lanterns and various CNY-related activities. Then, you will see ‘2015’ which is written in a way that it resembles a goat. Why? This is the year of goat based on Chinese lunar calendar. Overall, the visual looks neat, simple yet classic, and I hope it helps to spread the joy of Chinese New Year across the world. A copy of the blog header can be viewed below:

February 2015 Blog Header

As mentioned earlier, today is the Federal Territories Day. Holiday for Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya and Labuan. As for other states, don’t be jealous of us as you guys have your state holiday from your Sultan’s birthday too. We don’t have. Wait…maybe we can have KL Mayor Day…and so, another holiday for Kuala Lumpur. Haha….enough, Malaysia is full of holidays already.


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