Movie review: Interstellar (2014)

I guessed ‘Interstellar’ would be the last 2014 film I watched before I put my focus back on this year’s films. ‘Interstellar’ ended my 2014 movie reviews in high note as the movie is crazily good! It’s a masterpiece, another one by director Christopher Nolan whom had previously delivered to us amazing films like Inception and ‘The Dark Knight’ franchise. He never disappoints in producing exceptionally cool and ‘heavy’ films which are usually Oscar-favourite. However, ‘Interstellar’ is not nominated for ‘Best Picture’ in the upcoming 87th Academy Awards. It only manages to grab few nominations in technical categories. Perhaps, Academy members are getting bored of another outer space film after the success of ‘Gravity’ just last year.


But for me, ‘Interstellar’ is different from Alfonso Cuaron’s ‘Gravity’. Both took place mostly in outer space and are both wonderful movies! But ‘Gravity’ is going for a more ‘silent kill’ direction and straightforward while ‘Interstellar’ is on ‘epic blast’ approach equipped with a deep story. Before I moved on to the review, what is ‘interstellar’ actually? Oh, it means existing or occurring between stars. To further explain things up here, ‘Interstellar’, sets in a distant future, tells the story of a team of explorers whom had to travel through a wormhole in outer space in search for new habitable planets in attempt to ensure humanity’s survival. The main lead, the pilot had to abandon his family for the mission.


The story itself is simply amazing. The idea behind it is brilliant and is cleverly executed in this near three hours long film. The storyline is deep and to some points, a bit going ‘out of reach’ and slightly complicated (similar to when I watched ‘Inception’ the first time). Only when I searched for its synopsis online, then only I can get it roughly in details. The plot is solid, complex and deserves near three hours to tell the story. It made you think, and a movie which does that is a successful one. I am also very impressed by some surprises or revelations (that relates back to earlier scenes) as the story develops. Exceptionally brilliant script and idea.


Interstellar Film

The film starred Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Michael Caine, John Lithgow, Mackenzie Foy, Casey Affleck, Topher Grace, etc. Matthew is good, but I don’t really enjoy the way he speaks in the film sometimes (going blurry and looks like mumbling). Actually, every casts did well here, but this film isn’t there to showcase acting skills like what ‘Gravity’ did for Sandra Bullock. This film is more to show off the powerful idea of travel through wormhole to other galaxies and the exploration of science of time and gravity and their relationship. The subject of time and gravity addressed here is clever, but it gave me quite a headache especially in the second half of the film. I’m literally quite lost before I read its synopsis.


‘Interstellar’ also delivered when it comes to its visually striking scenes which are as good as the one in ‘Gravity’. Impressive visual works as observed. Besides that, when the movie’s music falls under Hans Zimmer, I knew that it must be great. And again, I’m speechless. Absolutely beautiful and touching scores that somehow elevates all the emotional and technical qualities of the film which are already high. In conclusion, ‘Interstellar’ is an epic outer space sci-fi masterpiece. If you missed the movie last year, you should get back to it like me. I assured that it will presents a three-hour long dazzling cinematic experience to you. Impacting, emotional, technically advanced, and believed to be quite scientifically accurate too, ‘Interstellar’ is certainly one of the best films in 2014. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Interstellar’ a total of 8.2, the highest rating I gave to a 2014 movie.

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